Walls of Jericho

Published May 10, 2022, 12:05 AM

by Raymundo W. Lo, MD, FPSP


Dr. Raymund W. Lo

The last few days were anxiety-filled as the campaign season drew to a close. Everyone I spoke to had sleepless nights and so did I. Our fears were well-founded. The future is at stake.

But we have done everything we could: organized Viber groups, raised funds, printed collaterals, became social media warriors, did lugawan, made pink puto, pink taho, pink everything, painted murals, composed songs and jingles, conducted medical missions and voter discernment sessions, made up witty placards, went on house-to-house campaigns and attended massive rallies in support of the only deserving candidates for president and vice president as well as their senate slate.

Then we prayed; oh, how we stormed the heavens with our fervent pleas for good government, for a country that can stand proudly in the community of nations, for an end to corruption. We have done all that can humanly be done, and so, Thy Will be done.

On that, we rest our case. My fears are allayed somewhat by the great show of support by the youth for our cause. This augurs well for they compose a large part of the voter population.

The Pink Movement caught traditional politicians off guard. It upended the traditional way of campaigning. They watched in shock as crowds in the hundreds of thousands flocked to our rallies undeterred by obstructionist moves, motivated only by desire for a new way of governance and going on their own volition.

The citizenry has been aroused and hopefully, the momentum carries forward past the elections to create the vanguard that will be a national movement for good governance (see my column, “Imagine” April 19, 2022).

Win or lose, the die is cast. We should no longer go back to our previous routines and attitudes. Instead, let’s stay the course we set during the campaign. Stay in your Viber and other chat groups. Keep in touch with like-minded people and continue our conversations. Keep the Pink Spirit alive. No matter who sits in Malacanang, we should be asking questions, putting pressure and manifesting our objections to any form of wrongdoing. Make government officials, local and national, account for their deeds. Initiate recall elections if need be.

We, the people hold the power in our hands. Do not leave the fate of our children and grandchildren to the politicians alone. We can and should actively shape the future of our beloved country.

This election season has seen so many favorable omens for our lady candidate. Rainbows appeared when she arrived at a sortie. Rains stopped when she started to speak. White doves flew overhead where she stood. People were moved to tears by her words and were inspired to do good deeds for each other. There are Blblical references to the multiplication of the fishes and bread loaves, the David versus Goliath campaign, and the widow’s mite.

Allow me to add another. Let our movement be like that of Joshua and the Israelites. Faced with the insurmountable walls of Jericho, the city standing in their way to claiming the Promised Land, God had instructed Joshua to gather the army and priests. For six days, the army marched around the city once while the priests blew trumpets and carried the Ark of the Covenant. On the seventh day, they marched around the city seven times, the priests blew their trumpets and the army loudly shouted. Thus did the walls of Jericho fall down for the Israelis to claim the city.

It will take a whole army (Kakampinks), the “moral-suasion” of the clergy, and persistence to effect change for the better. Let’s claim our Jericho! On to the Promised Land!