Morning after

Published May 10, 2022, 12:05 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

For many people, it’s the mourning after. But they must know that the winners, and those expecting to be proclaimed winners, won’t be spared from a bad, bad case of nerves. History is replete with stories of battle-tested generals and warriors who felt the price of victory in a way that the losers did not.

May 10, the day after 75 to 80 percent of 67 million voters would/should have cast their votes, how high was the level of the people’s confidence in the Comelec-Smartmatic marriage? One does not corrupt a machine, only the evil geniuses who can pervert the language of digital coding that is rooted in zero and one – how much tinkering do you need to fool around when you’re a hi-tech brainiac?

Lo-tech or no-tech, the nation’s gratitude goes to our multitasking, overworked, underpaid/unpaid teachers, that nameless army of election workers who are so exhausted from carrying out their multiple chores yesterday that asking them to sit back, relax, take the day off would be as painful as reminding them, “We owe you, see you in 2025.”

Meantime, who’s going to tear down those eyesores of pictures of candidates? They’re everywhere marring the scenery, even defacing our precious trees. Tito Sotto voiced our thoughts when he said, “We tried our best to change the system, the style of campaigning.” Bongbong Marcos urged winners and losers and their supporters to go “colorless,” i.e., drop their passionately partisan feelings for the sake of post-election healing and work together as one nation. Isko Moreno advised one and all to return to civility, stop fighting and quarreling, forget about getting even.

(More fun to release those pent-up emotions by cheering your lungs out for Ateneo or UP in the next UAAP games!)

If only there were a morning-after pill to cure us of election and post-election day blues. At least Mother’s Day – a Hallmark invention? – on May 8 took our minds off May 9. According to a survey conducted by a US TV show, 47 percent of mothers wanted their children to treat them to dinner in a restaurant on Mother’s Day. Who’d have been so heartless and thoughtless as to ask Mama to stay home, cook and slave away on her day of days?