Laguna police declare conduct of election in province peaceful, thank people for cooperation

Published May 10, 2022, 3:27 PM

by Danny Estacio

KAMPO HENERAL PACIANO RIZAL, Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Like in most of the provinces, the conduct of national and local elections in Laguna last Monday (May 9) was generally peaceful.

The assessment came from no less than the Laguna Provincial Police that said it had maximized its full strength days before and up to Election Day, and probably in the days to come to provide utmost security.

The only kink that marred the election process were the delays caused by the 62 vote-counting machines that conked out during the heat of actual polls. There were also incidents of SD cards not working in several precincts.

The Commission on Election nonetheless was able to address the problems.

As of this writing, the transmission of the results to the board of canvassers was almost 100%, said Col. Cecilio Ison Jr., Laguna Police director.

Although no untoward incidents were recorded, Laguna Philippine National Police will continue conducting Comelec checkpoints until June 8, 2022, the end of the election period. It will also continue its operations against any form of criminality to aid in controlling the occurrence of crimes or violence especially during the election period, Ison added.

“We are overwhelmed of the cooperation brought to us by our deployed personnel, AFP, the other agencies, and the force multipliers for the May 2022 polls. And also, we would like to thank our fellow Lagunenses for their cooperation to have a peaceful national and local elections,” said Ison.

“Rest assured that we will continue to provide security coverage at all treasurers’ offices when the election paraphernalia are returned,” added Ison.