Aboitiz Power to deploy AI

Published May 10, 2022, 5:39 PM

by Myrna M. Velasco

Leading energy producer Aboitiz Power Corporation will be deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and technology in its bid to bring down electricity costs as well as improve services to onsumers.

The technological advancement being employed by the power firm in its operations is in line with the Aboitiz Data Innovation’s (ADI) overall foray as a “techglomerate” or a conglomerate that integrates technology in improving the efficiencies and reliability of its operations.

According to Aboitiz Power President and CEO Emmanuel V. Rubio, the company straddles its journey into AI and tech innovations “to not just experiment for the sake of experimentation, but to experiment to solve real operational problems that matter and will provide financial return and the opportunity for market leadership.”

He explained that innovation and data science can make “impactful progress to move the bottom line of the company and at the same time, benefit consumers.”

Among the innovation projects being pushed by Aboitiz Power would be: battery optimization; visual anomaly detection; optimization and upgrade; intelligent account management and collection; predictive analytics as well as provision of intelligent benchmarking.

As noted by Carlos Aboitiz, chief corporate services officer of Aboitiz Power, the company would want to “leverage technology to create a better energy future for the Philippines.”

He qualified that “the lower the cost of service we can provide, the better our customers are going to be, and the better economy we will have.”

With ADI, the Aboitiz group indicated that it targets “to become the first techglomerate in the Philippines by undergoing transformative and inclusive change.”

For the power business segment of the Aboitiz group, in particular, it was emphasized that “it is a concerted effort to make innovation and data science a driving force in all fronts of the business including generation, distribution, and commercial operations.”

Luis Gonzalez, chief data officer of Aboitiz Power and ADI general manager for power industry cited the “limitless possibilities powered by learning algorithms for energy transition to advance sustainability and transformative opportunities in addressing risks and operational challenges.”

He stressed that Aboitiz Power’s collaboration with ADI “will enable and accelerate business strategies targeted at creating long-term value for its customers and key stakeholders as well as helping reduce impact to the environment and the cost of electricity per kWh.”