Lacson after voting: I feel relieved, let animosities in the past political campaign be buried

Published May 9, 2022, 12:24 PM

by Mario Casayuran

After casting his vote in his native Imus, Cavite hometown today, presidential candidate Senator Panfilo M. Lacson feels relieved and expressed hopes that the bitter memories and animosities in the past campaign should be buried.

Like all other candidates, Lacson said he expects the numbers in tonight’s counting would be in his favor ‘’because if you expect to lose why stay on up to this point.’’

While the voting is underway, Lacson asked voters to be “discerning’’ and think what would happen to the country in the next six years.

Should he lose, will he return to the Senate?

‘’Wala na (no more). This going to be my last run,’’ Lacson said as today’s election day caps his 50 years in government service.

Asked if he would be open for a Cabinet position should it be offered by the winner in today’s race if he loses today, Lacson said: ‘’Sa ngayon honestly, I’m not open to it pero yan yung isa na sabihin nating mahirap magsalita ng patapos pero yung last run, last na talaga yun, yun salitang patapos yun (Now, honestly, I am not open to it but it is difficult to make categorical stand).

‘’But, as I said, depende kung ano ‘yung mga conditions. Kasi kung mag-se-serve ka under a president na hindi mo kabisado tapos mayroong pwedeng ipagawa sa iyo na hindi rin tayo magkakasundo (It depends on the conditions. Because if you serve under a President you should be in sync).

Lacson now feels relieved that, after a grueling 90 days of campaigning, he and his team and all the candidates suffered no injury and no illness befell them. ‘’And I’m speaking on behalf of all the candidates na sana (hopefully) the feeling is mutual and we get out of this exercise safe from injury, safe from illness and may we always stay that way. And this is sincere,’’ he said.

The chairman of the Senate national defense and security committee said all animosities, and bitterness and the vicious attacks from supporters should vanish since the campaign period has ended.

‘’It is understandable na during the campaign may lalabas at lalabas na alam mo na parang statement (there were statements against any or some of the candidates). But that is normal. Now that is is over sana kalimutan na lahat yun (hope they should be forgotten) after today let us be one nation, one people again,’’ he said.

Lacson said he has started to eat ‘’full blast’’ to make up for the self-imposed strict dieting during the campaign and would resume his physical exercises.

If things do not go his way this election day, Lacson said he would go into farming in Silang, Cavite.

His Partido Reporma ditched him during the campaign in favor of rival presidential candidate, Vice President Leni Robredo.

Asked if he has a message to his former party, Lacson replied: ‘’Wala na (No more). As far as I’m concerned everything was forgiven but not forgotten.)

Will he move on?

‘’Mabilis (fast). Ako (I) even the most vicious attack I received from some people several years ago sinabi ko nga I have forgiven them all (As I have said I have forgiven them all but i don’t easily forget. Yun ang trademark ko na ang dali ko magforgive but ang tagal ko magforget (That is my trade mark..that I easily forgive but I don’t forget),’’ he pointed out.

Asked if he has any message to his rivals, Lacson said: “Goodluck to all of us.’’

‘’Sana kung sinuman ang manalo sa amin kalimutan na ang anumang animosities, yung bitterness yung hatred, yung pinagdaanan kasi afterall we cant move on as a country kapag laging divided (To whoever wins in today’s race, I hope that all the animosities, the bitterness and hatred should be forgiven because we can’t move on as a country If we are divided). We have experienced that. And once you are the leader of the country, you are the leader of the country and not of your supporters,’’ he stressed.