Are you ready to be a Green Mom?

Published May 8, 2022, 8:00 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Switching to an eco-friendly parenting style takes a lot of dedication and planning. Going green is a lifestyle that serves a lifetime purpose—to improve the quality of your child’s life and save mother Earth.

Take diapers, for example. Before disposable diapers became widely available, mothers used cloth diapers. These needed to be washed and dried after every use. Multiply this by the time an average baby has to have his diapers changed, it’s no wonder consumer companies came up with a use-and-dispose solution.

A very visible example of green parenting is choosing to use reusable diapers. There are plenty of commercially available reusable diapers in the market today, some of them carried by Baby Company. Switching to these earth-friendly alternatives may be less convenient, but the savings will be felt in the long run.

“The movement toward green parenting is not just a trend to follow. It is a lifestyle guided by environmental awareness, thus protecting the well-being of children in the long run,” said President of SM Retail Ponciano Manalo Jr. Together with Baby Company, SM Retail is supporting The Green Parent Project, an initiative to educate, encourage, and provide sustainable options for parents seeking alternative ways of parenting.

Green parenting is all about making the healthiest and most environmentally friendly choices for one’s baby and family. In addition to making available for mommies eco-friendly items and products that are made with organic materials, it also promotes practices that care for one’s baby without harming the planet. Being a green parent encompasses a lifestyle of making healthy choices that are natural, with minimal impact to the environment.

Toxins, particularly, are pervasive and hard to detect until it’s too late. Fortunately, the mother is the first line of defense as they can choose to breastfeed and prepare homemade baby food themselves. By doing so, they reduce possible additives and know exactly what their baby is eating.

Choosing organic food, such as those available at Baby Company, can also ensure that the fruits and vegetables that went into the production of infant food are not tainted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides that could build up inside the baby’s body and cause illnesses like cancer, reproductive and developmental disorders, and even damage to the immune system.

Toxins can also find their way into babies’ bodies through contact with heavily dyed clothing or even polymer-based textiles. And although baby clothes made of organic and natural fibers decrease the risk, toxins can be reintroduced through washing. Moms must be careful to choose baby laundry products that are organic and baby-safe by checking the ingredients label on the soap they use.

Moms are also encouraged to minimize the use of chemical products on baby’s clothes, beddings and toys as these still shed toxins over time.

There is still a lot to learn about sustainable or green parenting. Being a mother is difficult enough and is a big strain on a woman’s time and body. This is why Baby Company, along with the SM Retail group, are doing its part in making green and eco- friendly products accessible to mothers who wish to become green moms.

To live sustainably simply means that we are conscious about our choices in everyday living and even day to day parenting.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we recognize the pivotal role Mothers play in advocating for a green lifestyle and more importantly in ensuring the wellbeing of our planet.