Christina Perri drops latest song 'Mothers' for Mother's Day

Christina Perri upcoming album A Lighter Shade of Blue. (E!News) 

Christina Perri has released a new song entitled "Mothers" in time for Mother's Day weekend, and it features her three-year-old daughter Carmela. 

The song will be featured in her high-anticipated CD "A Lighter Shade of Blue" which will be released on June 24. It's her third studio album.

"I wrote this song with dear friend Amy Wadge as a bit of a love letter to mom's having a hard time," Perri shared during her interview. 

After announcing the loss of her baby girl in November 2020, Christina and her husband Paul Costabile have been healing privately since then. 

"This is a song just for those mamas. I want them to feel seen and held, especially on Mother's Day," Perri added. 

Despite the challenges she faced in the past years, the singer is still thankful for all the fans supporting her. (Carissa Alcantara)