The mother in Madam Inutz

Published May 7, 2022, 10:44 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Daisy “Madam Inutz” Lopez considers her family her strongest and weakest points.

During a recent press conference for her two-part “MMK” special, she explained how her family boosts her energy and confidence, making her accomplish things she never thought she could.

But she could rage and in the worst way possible if she finds any of her family being abused or maltreated.

“Ayokong na aagrabyado ang pamilya ko. Talagang lalaban ako,” she related.

Apparently, it stemmed from experience and she has since vowed never to let any of her kids go though the same.

“Minsan dumadating sa punto talagang tinatapakan kami. Nilalait kami… ayokong maranasan ng mga anak ko yun,” she said.

But more than anything, the single mom of three makes a conscious effort to make her children see “reality.”

“Tinuturuan ko ang mga anak ko. Gusto ko silang mamulat sa lahat,” was how she put it, adding that as a mother she’s very “open-minded.”

“Minumulat ko sila sa lahat – sa posibleng mangyari, as in,” she reiteated.

Now that her story will be narrated on television, Madam Inutz hopes viewers would learn a thing or two.

If ever, she wants them to know about not giving up in life.

“Kumbaga kahit na… hindi dahilan yung wala kang pinag-aralan, hindi dahilan yung mababang tao ka,” she said. “Kumbaga lahat ng pagsubok, lahat ng laban sa buhay wag mong sukuan at wag ka ring magpaapekto sa mga taong ayaw sayo.”

Madam Inutz related her life was a long, tumultuous roller-coaster ride but she didn’t surrender.

“Pinatatag talaga ako ng panahon.”

She admitted that up until now, she couldn’t believe that she is now a celebrity of sorts.

According to her, never in her wildest dream did she imagine herself becoming a viral sensation.

Recall that last year, Madam Inutz earned huge buzz on social media.

The online seller captured the hearts of netizens with her “lively” banter selling stuff online.

In her “MMK” Mother’s Day series this May 7 and May 14, where dancer-actress Dawn Chang will bring to life her colorful personality and unfiltered humor, Madam Inutz shared her hopes that her life story will inspire people.

“Ayoko talaga i-share kasi siyempre ‘yun yung mga panahon na gusto kong kalimutan, yung hirap. Pero at the same time, naisip ko bakit hindi. Gusto ko magbigay ng inspirasyon sa mga tao.”

The story will take a look at her life before and after she became the Madam Inutz we know today.

Her mom in the show will be played by Susan Africa.

Director Raz Dela Torre believes Madam Inutz’s story is not just a tribute to mothers but to humanity.

“This will teach the viewers to get to know deeper the people they meet around and to not jump to conclusions, because all of us are going through different things,” he said.