Cebu City declares its readiness for Monday’s polls

Published May 6, 2022, 4:58 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY — The final testing and sealing of vote counting machines (VCM) here went through without any major glitches.

With this, the Commission on Elections-Cebu City declared that’s it’s all systems go for this Monday’s elections.

Election Officer Marilou Paredes said Thursday’s final testing and sealing of VCMs only had “minor problems” such us some precincts lacking digital signatures.

Paredes said such problem can be corrected easily as digital signatures can be uploaded.

Political party watchers and poll workers were on hand during the final testing and sealing as well as observers from the European Union.

The foreign observers from Spain consist of election experts, legal officers, and media.

Paredes said all VCMs have been delivered to the different polling centers.

There are about 520 clustered precincts in Cebu City south district while the north district has 444 clustered precincts.

VCMs are stored in secured rooms at the polling centers until the elections on May 9.

Paredes said although there is only a handful of contingency VCM machines available in case some units conk out, they can request for more machines as Cebu is one of areas in Central Visayas where VCMs are stored.