Ladies first

Published May 5, 2022, 12:05 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

If the politically influential Iglesia ni Cristo have made and proclaimed their choices, perhaps it’s time you did.

If you haven’t, the following names might help you decide. Liza. . . Dynee . . . Jinkee . . . Alice. Each a potential first lady.

With Cory we did not have a first lady. FVR had Ming (1992-98) followed by Erap’s Loi (1998-2000). But from GMA (who had a First Gentleman) to Noynoy (who didn’t have a wife) to Digong (with two ladies, the ex and the longtime partner), Malacañang has neither felt nor radiated the tender touch of a first lady performing soft chores for the people on behalf of her husband, such as assisting in emergency charities, promoting the image of farmers, raising funds for orphanages and homes for the elderly.
Now with more than enough qualified candidates for first lady, Malacañang should look less like an office and more like a home with kids aplenty.

Liza Marcos is a fullfledged, fulltime lawyer with her own law firm. When she was not teaching law in Ilocos Norte during her husband’s stint as vice governor and then governor, she managed the firm, whose clients include foreigners in need of advice on legal matters. Liza’s the mother of three sons, including Sandro, who’s the apple of the eye of his father’s UniTeam rah-rah cheering squad.

Dynee Domagoso is a blackbelt and Isko knows it, which is why he’s forced to keep himself in tip-top shape. Dynee’s makeup consists of baby powder and rarely does she use lipstick. She’s used to her husband coming home late from his duties as mayor of Manila, so she has learned to cook instant meals or reheat leftovers.

Jinkee Pacquiao is the most wellknown among the ladies, if you don’t count Mommy Dionisia as the other famous Mrs. Pacquiao. Among the FL contenders, Jinkee is the most glamorous, style-conscious from head to toe, from signature bags to shoes.

Alice Lacson is Ping’s secret weapon, if only because he keeps her like a precious diamond away from the public’s glare. When she was younger, Alice was a TV and commercial model.

Is it too late for voters to be introduced to Mrs. Ernesto Abella, Mrs. Leody de Guzman, Mrs. Norberto Gonzales?