How celebs like Jake Cuenca survive controversies

Published May 5, 2022, 11:23 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Jake Cuenca (Instagram)

Remember when actor Jake Cuenca was arrested after a police car chase in Mandaluyong City late last year?

How about his publicized split with beauty queen Kylie Verzosa just a few weeks ago?

The hunk actor has hogged headlines.

During the final media conference of “Viral Scandal” recently, Jake was asked about how he handled the issues he got embroiled in.

Jake cited honesty and support system as factors in surpassing controversies.

“For me, with all these controversies, I think one secret weapon I’ve always had no matter what, not matter kahit ano na yung sinasabi ng tao sa akin, no matter how twisted they get the story sometimes, one person that always by my side is my mom.

“Everything I’ve done in my life, it’s not enough for me to show how much I love my mom kasi one person is there for me no matter what happens, no matter what heartbreak, no matter what incident, what scandal, whatever viral issues that out there. One person who always has my side is my mom.”

“I will say na you know, when it comes to these issues, I think the most important is you run to the people who know you the best, the people who will give you their unbiased advice on how to handle things. And for me, that’s my mom,” Jake added.