Dimples Romana on protecting her children

Published May 5, 2022, 4:52 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

How do you protect your children from judgement particularly on social media?

During the final media conference of “Viral Scandal,” actress Dimples Romana shared her two cents about it.

According to the soon-to-be mother of three, she and her husband Boyet Ahmee doesn’t impose on their children.

If anything, they make them feel secure, confident of their love.

“I have zero expectation from my children,” she shared, relating to her college-age daughter Callie and seven-year-old son Alonzo, allowing them to be “very expressive” of their feelings, thoughts.

“They’re free to live however they want to live – that’s how I protect them from all these things,” she said.

“It’s because I can’t be with them 24/7… at the end of the day, gustuhin ko man maging nandun for them we can’t do that so habang bata pa lang sila we already pour them with enough love for them to feel secure. Kasi importante sa isang tao na alam mong may uuwiaan at uuwian ka.”

Dimples said that as a mother, she embraces the imperfections of her children.

“It is not in the lighter days or happier days that our characters are telling of ourselves. It’s really the darker days that tell of our character. Di mo naman makikita ang pag-uugali at stand ng isang tao kapag maganda at masaya lang siya. Mas nakikita mo yan kapag sinusubok ng pagkakataon ang pagkatao mo. So I think for that alone, that making sure that my children feel loved and whatever happens in the family or outside of the home, they will always be embraced as themselves.”

She reiterated that their kids will never be judged at their home because it’s their “sanctuary.”

“Duon secured sila kasi duon may magmamahal sa kanila kahit ano pang gawin nila at mangyari, parang ganun.”