Celebs come together to call for making the right choice in 'Kinabukasan' video

Published May 1, 2022, 7:55 PM

by Robert Requintina

Celebs tell voters: ‘Bumoto para sa kinabukasan ng bayan, hindi ng iilan’

“How do I see myself six years from now?” A new video uploaded by Pinoy Rap Radio, titled “Kinabukasan” opens with this question, as the 2022 Philippine Elections draws nearer, and the fate of the country lies in the choice of millions of Filipinos.

Pinoy Rap Radio, an online radio streaming page featuring Filipino hip-hop music, currently has over 7 million likes and 8 million followers on top social media platform, Facebook.

Truly one for the books, the upcoming elections has Filipino artists participating more than ever, in various ways. Several artists have endorsed the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, appearing in their rallies and sorties, or engaging in other campaign activities, like house-to-house visits.

Elections-related videos have also surfaced in social media, with different goals: to show support, educate the audience on candidates’ platforms, and urge Filipino viewers to be wise in their choices, like the Pinoy Rap Radio’s “Kinabukasan” video, uploaded a week before the elections.

Popular celebrities with thousands of followers in their platforms appear in the video, and speak about their worries in their own futures, and how our choice in this month’s elections can significantly change our individual fates.

CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO: https://fb.watch/cKc9W4KssR/

Among the artists expressing their views and encouraging Filipinos to vote for the right candidate are singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino; actor, singer, dancer, and commercial model Kokoy de Santos; actor and commercial model Elijah Canlas; actress and former courtside reporter Aiyana Perlas; musician and actor Kean Cipriano; theater, film and TV actor Cedric Juan; actress and Kendo athlete Karen Toyoshima; and comedian and content creator Mark “Macoy Dubs” Averilla.

In the video, the stars reflect on how our economy, livelihood, and the state of our country in the next few years heavily lies on the choice we make; thus, we must choose a leader with clear platforms, and who truly wants the Philippines to have a better future.

The celebrities encourage Filipinos to be critical of the candidates–to be wary of those who have a history of theft and deception, as they most likely seek power for personal gains, and not to genuinely serve the Filipino people.

The video ends with a clear call-to-action for next week’s voters: “Bumoto para sa kinabukasan ng bayan, hindi ng iilan.”