A prayer for peace and the Philippines

Published April 30, 2022, 12:05 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


The last full week before the national election is coming up. And as days draw near, the tension is stronger than ever. At this point, though a lot can still happen, I keep reminding myself that the most we can do as ordinary citizens is to pray for our country, and to pray for a peaceful election. After all, whatever the outcome is, we must all accept and learn to live with it. That is the price to pay for a democracy we so fought hard for. In a few words, here is what I have been praying for, and what I will continue to pray for in the days to come. Allow me to share it with you all:

Dear Lord,

We thank you for the freedom to vote, and the freedom of choice you have blessed us, the Filipino people. We ask for your guidance in helping us choose the best leader for our country. We ask you for your fervent intercession in allowing us to seek who it is you will best, and destined for us. We pray for a peaceful, safe, clean and fair election. We ask you to watch upon us all as we cast our votes; we ask you to guard our votes so that your choice, and that of the people will prevail. We ask you to protect all the candidates. May you reward them in your good time for all their hard work, and desire to serve. Bless their hearts, and their genuine intentions for the people.

Lord, we know that not everyone will be satisfied and pleased with the results of the upcoming election. But we also know how privileged we are to be able to cast our votes and make a choice. May you give us the strength to uphold our responsibility as Filipino citizens; and that come what may, please grant us all the ability to accept the outcome as your will for us — as part of your plan for your beloved Philippines.

We pray for peace. We pray for unity. We pray that our faith rings strong, and resonates with us in the coming days, and thereafter. Lord, grant us the wisdom and the discernment to vote for no other reason, but for the future, and the betterment of our country. We pray for the nation — that the Philippines elect the leaders we deserve, and the leaders who will uplift us, and lead us to growth and progress. That whoever these leaders are – whether they were my choice or not – I learn to accept, and to respect the choice of the majority of my kababayans. And that in your hands, I will never doubt, and will always learn to trust. Open my mind, and my heart, that I hear your will, and execute my vote according to it.

We pray for our elected officials — that whoever they may be, may they always remember their primary purpose, and never fail to put the people’s needs at the forefront. Lord, bless them and keep them; show them your way, and pave their path. In the same way, may you guide me to never question your plan, but instead, give me the humility to surrender — dear Lord, we surrender our nation to you.
Thy will be done. Amen.

So in the last few days leading up to elections, let us remember to practice respect. Let us not hate others for their political choices because after May 9, these really will not matter anymore. Let us be careful with our words as people are more sensitive these days. Let us pray for continuous guidance, be diligent in our research, and be prudent with our actions.