BTS’ Suga co-produces lead track of Psy’s new album: ‘We became besties in a way’

K-pop idol group BTS’ Suga has co-produced the main track of Korean rapper Psy’s new album that will be released on April 29.

Psy, who rose to global fame through his viral video “Gangnam Style" which has garnered 4.39 billion views on YouTube since July 2012, will be coming out with his ninth studio album “Psy 9th.”

Psy and BTS' Suga (Instagram)

On April 26, Psy revealed that the main track of the album, “That That” was co-produced by Suga, who also participated in writing, composing and arranging the lyrics.

In a video, Psy and Suga talked about working together.

“When meeting younger artists, I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I don't want to be someone who is hard to approach. I think about this quite a bit,” said Psy.

According to Suga, "At first, because he is many years my senior and someone who is so well- respected in the business, I was quite nervous.”

"He wasn't just my junior in the business but also he truly feels like a friend,” said Psy.

“I felt like working with a childhood friend, so it made the songwriting process that much more fun,” said Suga.

Psy said, “It was hard to feel any age gap.”

“We became besties in a way,” said Suga to which Psy replied, "If he thinks of me as a bestie, that's great for me. How much younger does that make me.”

The album will also feature Jessi, Sung Si-kyung, Heize, Hwasa, Crush and Epik High’s Tablo.