A tale of two prologues: Prologue Greenhills is now serving

Published April 25, 2022, 3:25 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

The San Juan food scene just got brighter as Prologue Greenhills opened its doors just the other weekend. Foodies will be familiar with Prologue, as it’s first Sct. Gandia location has been a favorite for discriminating diners looking for quality breakfasts, hearty lunches, and flavorful evening fare—in a casual, yet tasteful, setting. Executive Chef Hiroyuki Meno explained that the idea is to eventually give each Prologue a distinct identity, such that only 30 to 35 percent of the Sct. Gandia menu will find its way to Greenhills.

As Owner Alyanna Uy further explained, with the Greenhills Prologue, a number of the items on the menu will be served in a ‘cocotte’ or in a skillet—very French style. Savoury Galettes with authentic buckwheat galettes, dessert crepes, and soufflé pancakes,will further this French influence on the menu. All of which brings to the fore the blend of culinary traditions that has made Chef Meno such a genius in the kitchen which includes his Japanese provenance, coupled with his French training, and having spent years in Bali, before coming to Manila five years ago.

Beef burgundy

Among the items served in a cocotte, you’d naturally expect soups, but don’t miss put on the beef burgundy, which is Wagyu beef cheek stew served with mashed potatoes, carrot, french beans, and mushroom. Honestly, on a day you’re angling for a light lunch, this could be your meal in itself as it’s quite filling, and truly delicious. It’s served with their homebaked rye bread.

Pork quinoa salad

The salad that caught my eye was the pork quinoa salad, and was truly happy to discover its a Chef Meno special. It’s Canadian pork belly confit, quinoa, with cucumber, paprika, cherry tomato, caramelized peanuts, and a Thai dressing. It’s like you got the best from the West, then gave it an Asian/Thai twist. And do try the Prologue pizzas, as you’ll love their crust, and how you can opt to add a dollop of burrata with any of their selections.

The king prawn, nasi goreng

From the grill section, my little secret tip would be to order the king prawn, as it’s done nasi goreng style with coconut milk, basil pesto, brown rice, bean sprouts, kecap manis, and egg. The prawns are expertly grilled, and the rice is simply out of this world. The other grill item we tried was their Australian lamb chops which is served with tumeric rice, yogurt sauce, and Indian spices. And what you’ll appreciate is how there’s so much meat in each of the chops, unlike other restaurants which get inferior lamb cutlets and chops for their supply.

Australian lamb chops

A delectable side dish that you’ll find under the Frits section is their kataifi shrimp. It’s shrimp wrapped in kataifi, served with a basil pesto Mayo sauce. Dead simple, but it’s like an upgraded version of shrimp popcorn, and super-delicious to pop in your mouth!

Hokkaido scallop galette

I had the Hokkaido scallop galette, and as promised, it was the real deal buckwheat galette, filled with crème fraiche, and served with creamy leek, mozzarella and gouda. And of course, the scallops were the big, juicy ones. It’s savoury galettes and crepes given a substantial upgrade. I know savories aren’t that popular here, as compared with the dessert and sweet versions, I highly recommend these ones.


Crepe Suzette

When it comes to their crepe desserts, without a doubt, I’d suggest you order the Suzette. It’s done the traditional way, with a caramelized blood orange, grand marnier, bourbon, and homemade vanilla ice cream. The caramelized banana crepe with the amaretto ice cream is also highly recommended.

Even at Prologue QC, I’ve always been a fan of their breads, cookies, pastries and cakes, so I was happy to note that a vitrine and table had the full array of their pastry chef’s “magic.” The cookies I swear by, and I especially loved them when they were baked oversized. The current, smaller versions work, but I personally miss the biggies.

Chef Meno, Alyanna, Issa, and your writer.

Alyanna was happy to report that there are, at least, two more Prologues planned within the year. And I joked with her that as long as it gets closer to my Makati hood, I’m not complaining. As it’s name suggests, this is just the beginning!