Silas paves his own way

Indie artists are dime a dozen but only a rare few will really stand out.

Count Silas in the latter bracket. This 20-year old singer-songwriter-producer has just released an indie single titled “Melting Vitamins.” And for someone who writes and produces his own music. The sound is, surprisingly, professional sounding.

The R&B influenced, synth-heavy and bright sounding “Melting Vitamins” also has elements of electro and soul, dipped in a tasty coating of pop. It’s like someone young listened to a whole lot of classics and distilled it. And interpreted it in its simplest, modern way.

“Technically I started out as a writer,” Silas shared, saying that “it was only 3 years ago when I started out writing songs. It was when I realized I could mix two things that I have a passion for.”

“It would just be my guitar (which he only started learning) and my cellular device. I would have ‘voice memos’ (as my) demos. I taught myself to produce about a year and a half ago.”

Silas also shared that he worked on his debut single from writing, producing and recording, down to the visuals and “the whole thing.” “It’s the first track I finished. Recorded, mixed and mastered December 23, 2021.”

Silas admits that it’s a whole lot of work. But the experience taught him a lot. Besides, there’s a personal plus side to doing it all.

“Being an independent artist gives you a lot of freedom to put your art out there the way you intend it to be consumed, without censorship and without the worry of the business side of it.”

Silas adds, “I’m just a single person working on introducing myself and my song to people, no team and not much resources like an artist under a label would have, so I have to play it smart.”

And by playing smart, Silas means that he’s going to put out cool sounding songs like “Melting Vitamins” and looking like he was born to do this (he’s heavy into fashion too).

And just like that, after releasing an indie single a scant few weeks ago, Silas was snapped up by a record label recently.

So Silas’ days as an indie artist is over just as it began. And what does he have to say about this?

“I’m just glad it reached the right people,” adding, “’Melting Vitamins’ was born and me releasing it on my own was a statement that I can get started on my own.”