Pandemic or not, investing on a property built by a reputable developer is always a wise decision

Published April 22, 2022, 5:28 PM

by Johannes Chua

The worst part of the pandemic is hopefully over. As our country gradually transitions to the new normal, we carry lessons learned from the past two years. Now, more than ever, homeowners have realized the importance of a home that is secure, has features for everyone’s well-being, and near modern conveniences.  It also helps if a home is near open spaces, has a view of the blue skies, or embraced by nature or lush greens. 

One very important realization, too, is the fact that no matter what the season may be, pandemic or no pandemic, an investment on a home is a practical and wise decision. This realization is not only applicable to the Philippine market, as even those who live or do business abroad also concur with this observation. Reputable business website, in a report said, “With a high inflation…the hunt for investing safe havens is on. Real estate is considered one approach to hedge against inflation, given the asset class usually has little correlation with stocks and bonds.”  

To put it simply, in the long run, real estate seems to provide a better hedge against inflation and in challenging times such as the two-year ordeal we had with the global health pandemic. 

Now, here comes the important part. Experts advise that buying or investing our hard-earned money on real estate should not be a hasty decision. Always remember that “haste makes waste” — and this applies too with real estate. During pre-pandemic times, it was always “location, location, location” when buying a piece of real estate. But this equation was drastically changed by the pandemic as the majority of Filipinos found themselves working from home (WFH) for a long time. Until now, companies have started implementing hybrid operations, with WFH now universally accepted. 

Glam Residences in Quezon City.

This new arrangement also changed the way a home functions — it is not only a place to stay, eat, or rest. It has evolved into a haven for recreation, with a lot of people finding new hobbies or nurturing their green passion. It has also evolved into a sanctuary for wellness for the mind and spirit, as a place to bond with family, and as a venue to celebrate life’s milestones and simple joys. 

Knowing the importance of a “reliable” home means trusting our hard-earned money to a developer who has proven, time and again, the worth of its projects. In the country, the fastest growing real estate developer is SM Development Corporation (SMDC), with projects located in multiple ideal locations, masterplanned to fulfill every Filipino’s dream of owning their own home.  

Light Residences 2 in Mandaluyong City.

Owning real estate is the best hedge against inflation, as it does more than protect your wealth; it could also provide you a means to earn extra income.  Due to circumstances happening around the world, inflation rates are at a historical high. In the United States, for example, the annual inflation accelerated to 8.5 percent in March 2022, the highest recorded since December of 1981.  Thus, overseas Filipinos living in the US are advised to protect the value of their money by investing in properties here in the Philippines via developments from SMDC. 

SMDC is offering three projects that will fulfill every desire and request of homeowners adjusting to the new normal. Light 2 Residences right across Edsa-Boni MRT Station, Air Residences in Makati, and Glam Residences along Edsa in Quezon City — all these three are very near business districts, essential destinations such as hospitals and schools, and places of interest; accessible via public transport, and feature amenities that are fit for young professionals, new couples, and growing families. These properties will benefit from the completion of various infrastructure projects all over the metro.

Air Residences in Makati.

What’s ideal with these three is the fact that they are all “new normal-ready” — the properties are secured 24/7, there are spaces for exercise and meditation, while units are ready for WFH and come with great city views. Plus, SMDC upholds sustainability and green practices in its developments, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle to all residents. 

Now, if you ask the experts when is the best time to invest in a home, the answer is “today” — yes, today is the best day to invest on an SMDC project, for tomorrow may be too late. Projects of SMDC have high value appreciation, and because of their prime location, property values are well-positioned to increase through the years. As Forbes Magazine has said, “Real estate investing is one of the best-performing asset classes out there. Year after year, it yields some of the highest returns. Do it right, and you could end up retiring well before you ever considered it possible.”  And if we may add: “Do it with SMDC, and you do not only have a home but a secure investment that appreciates in value and can withstand the test of time.”

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