Honda’s recycling project aims to lessen land, water pollution

Published April 18, 2022, 7:33 PM

by Pinky Concha-Colmenares

The “Bantay Baterya” and “Bantay Langis” projects have placed Honda Cars Philippines Inc. in the list of corporations committed to reducing man’s footprint in this part of the Earth.

Both recycling projects aim to help lessen land and water pollution through the proper disposal of hazardous lead-acid batteries and used oils.  Bantay Baterya started in 2006 and is programmed to go on until 2026, while Bantay Langis started in 2017 and will be an ongoing project until 2022.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. executives at a turnover ceremony of its ‘Bantay Baterya, Bantay Langis’ corporate social responsibility program to lessen land and water pollution.

The project is implemented with the assistance of HCPI suppliers and leaders. It is integrated in the environmental management system (EMS) program in order to consistently improve the company’s environmental footprint.

On Oct. 8, 2021, HCPI turned over an additional 20,000 kgs of used batteries and 2,569 items of used oils for recycling under both projects.  Overall, together with HCPI suppliers and dealers and associates, batteries recycled now count at 7,028 pieces equivalent to P1,820,453 since the beginning of the partnership in 2006.

Bantay Langis, since October 2017, has collected and recycled a total of 16,104 liters of used oils.

Aside from conserving resources, landfill space and energy, as well as avoiding further land and water contamination, the program also has generated funds from the recycling of hazardous wastes. The funds are used in supporting various environmental projects of Bantay Kalikasan such as the protection and preservation of La Mesa Watershed and the maintenance of La Mesa Eco Park.

HCPI’s partners in these initiatives are the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Oriental-Motolite Marketing Corporation, and Genetron International Marketing.

Two other CSR programs of HCPI that have been recognized with awards are on road safety and the mobility assistance extended to medical frontliners during the pandemic.

Now on its 18th year, the Teen Smart program that started in 2004 aims to develop the youth’s consciousness on road safety. It provides interactive seminar-workshops to all public senior high school students in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. These workshops which started in 2019 cover practical road safety topics such as traffic rules and regulations, messages from vehicles, road users physical/mental conditions, characteristics of vehicles, anticipation of traffic and environment conditions.

HCPI was among the first companies to recognize the medical frontliners’ problem of transportation, implementing the “Assistance to medical frontliners project” which started in March 2020. The CSR program came in the form of Honda cars used to service medical health workers from the hospitals to their homes.  HCPI lent out 15 cars to medical frontliners working in hospitals in Santa Rosa, Laguna.