2NE1 members reunite at Coachella 2022

The former members of K-pop girl group 2NE1 held a reunion performance at Coachella 2022 on April 16 in the US.

CL, Dara, Minzy and Park Bom performed “I Am the Best” at Coachella’s main stage as part of 88rising’s Head in the Clouds Forever.

2NE1 at Coachella backstage (Photo from 88rising on Twitter)
Sandara Park's iconic hairstyle for Coachella (Twitter/Dara)
Sandara Park's iconic hairstyle for Coachella (Twitter/Dara)

Music and media company 88rising assembled Asian artists across countries and generations for an electrifying once-in-a-lifetime 80-minute performance at Coachella.

2NE1 disbanded in 2016 and the former members embarked on solo careers.

88rising’s lineup included Jackson Wang (China), Warren Hue (Indonesia), MILLI (Thailand), BIBI (Korea), NIKI (Indonesia), Rich Brian (Indonesia), Hikaru Utada (Japan), Jackson Wang (China), and CL and 2NE1 (Korea).

Head In The Clouds Forever was supported by an inspiring cast of dancers, featuring choreography from world-renowned dance crew The Kinjaz and Madison Olandt. A 15-piece orchestra also amplified NIKI’s performance, and immersive visuals directed by multi-disciplinary visual artist Curry Tian and Daniel “Cloud” Campos tied the program together.

Head In The Clouds Forever also premiered never-before-heard music live on stage. To commemorate this incredible moment, 88rising has released a companion compilation also titled Head In The Clouds Forever, available now on all streaming services.

The project includes “froyo (feat. Warren Hue)” by Rich Brian and BIBI, “T” by Hikaru Utada and Warren Hue, and "Best Lover" by BIBI.

Head In The Clouds Forever setlist:

Freestyle #4 (Warren Hue)

RUNAWAY W ME (Warren Hue)

HANDSOME (Warren Hue)

Demo Star (Warren Hue)

Lazy Susan Freestyle (MILLI)

Mirror Mirror (MILLI)

Sudpang! (MILLI)

Mango Sticky Rice (MILLI)

Bad Sad Mad (BIBI)

Kazino (BIBI)

The Weekend (BIBI)

Best Lover (BIBI)

Intro (NIKI)

Drive On (NIKI)

Sempurna (NIKI)

Split (NIKI)

Gospel (Rich Brian)

Froyo (Rich Brian)

Glow Like Dat (Rich Brian)

Drive Safe (Rich Brian)

Vivid (Rich Brian)

Simple and Clean (HIKARU UTADA)


Face My Fears (HIKARU UTADA)

Automatic (HIKARU UTADA)

100 Ways (Jackson Wang)

Cruel (Jackson Wang)

Blow (Jackson Wang)

California (Warren Hue, Rich Brian, and Jackson Wang)


Spicy (CL)

Chuck (CL)

Hello Bitches (CL)

I Am the Best (2NE1)