Dont spend more, spend smart

Published April 14, 2022, 2:04 PM

by MB Lifestyle

Are you finding yourself spending more nowadays? You’re not alone. With fuel prices rising, it’s becoming harder to get home finances under budget. Add to that the fact that more essential goods and services are now simply indispensable. It might be high time to put some smart spending skills into play.

First is to make your spending work for you by getting a card that offers rebates and the most attractive rewards, perks, and privileges. Rebates, in particular, can do wonders to your finances as the more you spend, the more you earn back.

The key is finding a card that makes this easy for you and offers the best deal. From the landscape right now, the highest rebate offer on the market comes from Metrobank’s Cashback VISA as it offers up to 8% rebate on these essential categories:  groceries, mobile data, cable/internet subscriptions, tuition fee and bookstore spend. 

Here’s how to make the Metrobank Cashback VISA work for you: You will receive up to 8 percent rebate on your grocery purchases, mobile and internet subscriptions, tuition fee and bookstore spend, if you charge on your Cashback VISA a minimum of P12,000 outside of these categories, such as online shopping, fuel, dining and takeout, utilities, etc.  

The best part is, you also get a rebate of 0.2 percent on your spend outside the essential categories.  If you find yourself spending on your budol finds on Shopee or Lazada, your purchases get a 0.20 percent rebate.  You can get as much as P1,000 rebate in a month, and that’s up to P12,000 in annual savings!

But what if you find yourself not meeting the minimum P12,000 spend outside of the essential categories?  You still get 0.20 percent rebate on all your purchases.

Something this good can’t be forever, and it’s true. The Metrobank Cashback VISA’s up to 8 percent rebate is exclusive to those who apply and qualify on or before July 31, 2022, and this deal can be enjoyed until Dec 31, 2022, after which it becomes up to 5 percent. Still, it’s the best in the market right now, and if you play your (credit) cards right, there’s thousands of pesos in rebates in there for you.  For more information, visit