AUDIO JUNKIE: Rebounding pop stars

From left: Lauv, Travie McCoy, and Charlie Puth

Pop stars return with new singles to reclaim status.

Chart-topper singer-songwriter Lauv recently released a new single titled “All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love)”. The new single is the title track off Lauv’s forthcoming new album that is set to be released this year, August.

According to Lauv, the new single is “about loving someone so much at a time in your life when you’re still in the process of learning how to love yourself and being scared how you own  personal insecurities could ruin a love that is and could be so genuine and transformative.” He further adds that “All For Nothing (I’m So In Love)” is “a song about surrendering to love and life.” Sounds a mouthful but it's better if one listens to Lauv’s vibey and upbeat song instead. Lauv certainly has a firm grasp of the modern pop idiom and that much is evident in this pleasant sounding new bop.

Speaking of upcoming albums, Travie McCoy has got one of those too. McCoy’s familiar name would certainly ring a bell for those who like to listen to pop. He had, after all, one of the biggest song of 2010 in “Billionaire” where he collaborated with then rising new act Bruno Mars.

This time, it's all Travie McCoy on the new preview single “Stop It.” The funk-vibe inflected electric pianos and the prominent old school beats is already a compelling reason for us to give this song a listen. But when Travie starts with his rhythmic rhyming and slippery wordsmithing, we’re in hook, line and sinker so to speak. “Stop It” is a refreshing new number to rouse our ears from all that slow to mid tempo rap-sing that we’ve all been inundated with of late.  In anticipation for his new album that comes this year around July, the rapper released the equally catchy funk and city pop vibe of “Loved Me Back To Life.” And the groovy, tuneful and introspective themes of “A Spoonful Of Cinnamon.”  

Travie McCoy said that the new songs, “Stop It” in particular, is “about me reclaiming my position in this space (pop music scene). I’ve been quiet for a decade, so stop it with the where have you been questions, it doesn’t matter. I’m here right now, so let’s go! Underdogs always come out on top, so “Stop It!!” I Got It” the rap music artist said.

Travie McCoy’s upcoming new album titled “Never Slept Better” is said to be “the most honest, unpretentious, and devastatingly powerful album of his career.” The new album encapsulates McCoy’s life of the past decade wherein he battled with addiction and depression in which he came out recovered and creative once more. Judging from the initial tracks from said album, Travie McCoy’s found his mojo again.

We’ve wondered about Charlie Puth of late as well and sure enough, the multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter made his presence felt again with a successful single in “Light Switch.” Said track made its mark on that current platform of choice and maker of all things viral (TikTok) that helped the fresh sounding pop song become one of Puth’s fastest rising singles ever. Puth returns with a solid new single in “Hilarious,” a  mid-tempo pop ballad collaboration with JKash and is about “the pain of feeling betrayed by a breakup.”

“I’m really excited for the song to come out but everytime  I hear it, I’m kind of brought back to a time that was really, really challenging in my life,” alluding to the “the worst breakup of my life,” the singer-songwriter-producer said. The single will be part of Puth’s soon-to-arrive new album “Charlie.”