Lee Min-ho surprised by scale of ‘Pachinko’ set

Published April 5, 2022, 3:15 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Korean star Lee Min-ho said he was surprised by the scale of the set used for the Apple TV Plus drama “Pachinko.”

In “Pachinko,” released on March 25 and which reportedly cost 100 billion won ($82.5 million) to produce, Lee Min-ho plays the role of Hansu, a merchant and member of the Yakuza.

Lee Min-ho in “Pachinko” (Apple TV Plus)

Lee Min-ho held a pictorial for Dazed magazine in Korea and talked about “Pachinko.” Lee Min-ho went to Canada to shoot the series and said he was surprised by the large set.

“I was surprised by the size of the set. The location was in Canada, and it was a set that reproduced the seafood market in Korea during the Japanese colonial period. I felt it all over again,” he said, according to Korean media outlet Dispatch.

He added, “Even before filming a kissing or bed scene, we interview actors who are acting by experts, and we had consultation on emotions and psychology. Those details were unique.”

About Soo Hugh, who created the series and acted as an executive producer, Lee Min-ho said, “He is a man who has a strong determination to improve the perfection of the work, so I got a lot of energy from working with him. Tail to tail with him. As the process of biting a conversation was repeated countless times, the character of Hansu became more and more embodied in my head.”

On portraying his role, Lee Min-ho said, “Even when I read the script, there were a lot of things that I sympathized with. There are often characters that I can understand why they say things like this and behave like this in such a situation. There was a change in my stance on the work. I did my best to express this deep story.”

“Pachinko” is a eight-episode drama that tells the story of a Korean immigrant family across four generations who leave South Korea to survive. The story starts in the early 1900s and is told through the eyes of Sunja (played by Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Minha and Jeon Yu-na), who triumphs against all odds.

The first three episodes were released on March 25 and one episode is released every Friday until April 29.