Ashton Davilla releases EP ‘Crush On You’ with Seeking Blue Records

Published April 4, 2022, 7:51 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


Ashton, or Ash might be young and quiet, but he writes heartbreakingly-melancholic music that is beyond his years. The singer-songwriter-producer now known as Finding Hope has been producing music as early as the age of 11 thanks to his dad’s influence.

Ash, who has humble origins in San Antonio, Texas, learned how to produce on the family computer, an old 2006 MacBook Pro, using the first versions of Logic Pro. Despite not being the most confident, Ash credits his free time and homeschooling to mastering music production. 

Despite citing EDM star Skrillex as his biggest influence, his music is filled with warm vocals, mellow instruments, and heartfelt lyrics. His demonstration of these things was evident in his first EP in 2017, entitled “Our Love.” Along the EP was his smash hit, “3:00 AM”, which went viral after gaining support from various tastemakers, playlist curators, and even South Korean superstars BTS.“It came as a happy surprise. I of course had dreams and goals, but what it’s become is so far beyond anything I could’ve ever even imagined.”

Fast forward to March 25, 2022, Ash released another EP “Crush On You” with the carrier single of the same title. As he keeps his knack for writing ear-wormy music with poppy flair, Ash wanted to focus on writing an EP that focused on the simplicity of falling for someone. 

“I saw an image of a neon sign that simply said “I have a crush on you”. Most of my songs are about love, because I love love – and just blatantly singing “I have a crush on you” without trying to make it so intricate felt really honest.”

As of writing, the single already has over 500K streams on Spotify, and the official music video garnering 600K+ views on YouTube. The song is also gaining traction on TikTok, where users use the official sound for “Crush On You” as a way to express their feelings towards other people. It’s never too late to feel certain things, and Finding Hope is here to help you with that.