TNC romps Onic, stays in contention for MPL top seed

Published April 3, 2022, 8:03 PM

by Reynald I. Magallon

TNC Pro Team ML stayed in contention for the top seed in the MPL Philippines Season 9 following its 2-0 sweep of Onic Philippines on Sunday, April 3.

Photo from TNC

With the seeding playing crucial role in the post-season, TNC was eager to put itself in a good position to take the top spot. It made quick work of Onic as it secured the full three points to hike its points total to 24 points on an 8-4 standing and good for third place.

It’s just three points behind the league-leading RSG Philippines which has 27 markers across the board. TNC, RSG and even No. 2 team ECHO still have two matches to play in their regular season schedules.

TNC was methodical in the series opener as Ben “Benthings” Maglaque on the Lolita and Joemarie “Escalera” Santos made the life hard for Onic jungler Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol on the Lancelot.

With the veteran jungler falling behind early with his farm, his TNC counterpart Daniel “SDzyz” Chu had his way in every skirmish, allowing the team to secure major objectives including Onic’s towers.

TNC prevailed in a low-scoring affair with an even 5-5 tally. Yasuwo finished with a 3-0-1 KDA on the Clint while SDzyz had a 2-0-2 line.

In the second game, TNC continued to roll with a dominant 27-12 triumph. Kramm, who secured three early kills on his Thamuz, set the tone for the team as he finished with an 8-4-14 KDA.

Kramm’s sustain during clashes and the dives on enemy backlines proved to be crucial in alleviating the impact of Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales’ Yve and Allen “Balosyskie” Baloy’s Selena. With his Thamuz on the frontline, SDzyz’s Ling and Yasuwo’s Kimmy safely dished out the damage during team fights.

Sdzyz had an impressive 10-3-8 line while Yasuwo added a 5-1-16 tally.

Meanwhile, Onic is already secured of a playoff spot but the loss can greatly affect its placing at the end of the regular season. With two game left, Onic can still fall to as low as sixth place if the M3 runner-up drop all of its remaining games.