Kaye Morales channels subconscious thoughts with latest collection ‘Nocturne’

Published April 3, 2022, 6:59 AM

by John Legaspi

Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Remembering a dream is something people find hard to do. When you close your eyes to doze off, your mind transports you to different worlds. Sometimes it mimics reality or it brings fantasy into life, and other times it takes you to a gloomy place. Whatever adventure you are experiencing in your head during that time of rest, the moment we wake up, recalling what had happened is never easy. But in Kaye Morales’ latest collection for the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 13, she tries to uncover the events and ideas that ran in our heads while we sleep, and the result is something dark, dramatic, and definitely beautiful.

Dubbed “Nocturne,” Kaye’s collection represents dreams, unconscious desires, series of thoughts, and images occurring in a person’s mind during slumber. The fashion designer translates those through a series of punk streetwear pieces aiming to transform life’s occasional ruptures into art.

“At first, it was hard because I went through depression during the pandemic because of business problems and I got burned out with my work,” the fashion designer tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle about creating “Nocturne.” “Working on this collection is a tough one for me but I’m thankful that I fully expressed what I needed to show through my clothes.”

Think of what Blondie and the Sex Pistols would wear on the streets today because that is what Kaye’s newest works are. Her designs are imbued with the spirit of rebellion. Her menswear pieces exude coolness with their oversized silhouettes and her hardware embellishments. What she created for the ladies are the glamor versions of punk, playing with sheer and bringing red, pale blue, and olive tones into the mix, making one wonder if this is a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, as the Beyoncé song goes.

“I want to fully express what I felt while doing this show and leave an effect on everyone while I was creating my clothes,” Kaye says. “I want them to feel the emotions, the desires, and the representation of the inspiration of my collection.”

Check out Kaye Morales’ “Nocturne” collection below:

Photos from PMFF

Photos from PMFF

Photos from PMFF

Photos from PMFF

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