Panelo records own version of Cuneta's ‘Sana’y wala nang wakas’

Published April 1, 2022, 7:05 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Senatorial aspirant Salvador Panelo has found a way to vindicate himself from the criticism he got from megastar Sharon Cuneta, who earlier called him out for singing one of her signature songs.

How? By recording his own version of her iconic song.

Senatorial candidate Salvador Panelo

Panelo said he recorded his own version of Cuneta’s “Sana’y wala nang wakas” under Viva Records last Tuesday—a move he dedicated “to parents and families of children with disabilities (CWD)”.

“This is for you!” Panelo told the parents.

The former chief presidential egal counsel described his take on the song as something that “perfectly captures the unconditional love of parents for their children, especially those CWDs”.

Panelo was a father to a CWD, who has passed away. Included in his platform as an aspiring lawmaker is improving the welfare of CWDs.

After being criticized by Cuneta in a now deleted social media post, Panelo called on her and her husband, vice presidential bet Kiko Pangilinan, to join him in his cause to push for free therapy and education for CWDs.

Pangilina, a senator, is the running mate of opposition standard-bearer Vice President Leni Robredo.