Marc Rancy reimagines womenswear with a romantic masculine take

‘My collection is an idea of women playing men in the 21st century.’

While we now live in a world with a more diverse setup, women continue to face great challenges in breaking the glass ceiling. It is still a man’s world out there, and in order to excel, women have to surpass more barriers compared to their male counterparts. In Marc Rancy’s world, the lines between gender are blurring—in power and fashion. Through his latest collection, the fashion designer aims to convey the message that “women can” through a series of contemporary womenswear pieces with a masculine yet delicate and romantic touch.

Shot in the luxurious halls of Okada Manila for the first day of the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 13 “Redefined, “ Marc’s collection dubbed “Joli Garçon” presents a stylish rebellion against misogyny. And, believe it or not, he crafted this collection in just a week.

“This was the second collection I made during the pandemic,” Marc tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “This has got to be the shortest amount of time I’ve worked on a collection, as I was not only trying to balance the influx of private orders, but I keep waiting for the right ‘feeling’ before I commence work. This time, it came to me so late, but ideas came and I’ve made more than what I had to.”

Think of it as the merging of the ultra femininity of Sophia Lauren and the sleek menswear-inspired looks of Annie Hall because that’s what it is. The collection plays with the contrast between casual tailoring and subtle sensuality. High-waisted pants and buttoned skirts that are masculine in silhouette tame the drama brought by billowing blouses and skin-barring tops—combinations that are the very definition of “work and play,” looks that can be worn from a day in the office into a late-night rendezvous.

“‘Joli Garçon’ means ‘beautiful boy’ in English,” Marc tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “The collection is rooted in the idea of gender fluidity. How women can take on roles of men. It’s about women's liberation, posturing, and embracing the power usually bestowed on men primarily by society. My collection is an idea of women playing men in the 21st century.”

Check out Marc Rancy’s “Joli Garçon” collection below:

Photo from PMFF

Photo from PMFF

Photo from PMFF

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