Here’s how this makeup brand is making everyone feel beautiful

Published April 1, 2022, 8:21 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Max Collins, John Rey, and more share their stories of how Ever Bilena continues to empower them

Thirty nine years of providing quality and affordable makeup products to Filipinos, Ever Bilena has proven to be a favorite from one generation to another. Last March, it celebrated its 39th anniversary with its “For Every Beauty” campaign, highlighting that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that there is an Ever Bilena product that matches every personality.

Leading the Every Beauty digital video campaign is actress Max Collins who shares how Ever Bilena products helped her by boosting her self-confidence when she was just starting out as a young actress.

Dr. Crystal Roxas, a dermatologist and fitness enthusiast, also joins the list, saying how Ever Bilena is still part of her makeup kit up until now. Locally made, it is at par in terms of quality, design, and customer clamor with international makeup brands.

Johnrey Almonte, beauty vlogger, a proud morena, and LGBTQ+ member is proud to be part of Ever Bilena’s growing inclusivity efforts, pointing out the many shades made available for all skin shades with formula improvements to match different skin types, too!

Diana Yap, the entrepreneur behind Petalier, loves Ever Bilena lip tints. With it being very affordable, she makes sure that she has a lot in stash, making it accessible whenever and wherever she is.

Other personalities who are part of this digital campaign are burn survivor Joanna Sisracon, National University collegiate athlete Christiana Dimaunahan, makeup artist Daryl Bambilla, and Sangila Jean Santos.

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. Denice Sy Munez adds, “Everyone deserves to be empowered and beautiful, and Ever Bilena plays a huge role in accomplishing that. EB has millions of customers across generations throughout its 39 years in business. Ever Bilena is able to resonate with everyone’s story—from all walks of life—truly embodying the slogan, ‘For Every Beauty.’”