Bren pumps life to playoff hopes with stunning sweep of Onic

Bren Esports is making a last-ditch push to pump some life to its playoff hopes following its stunning 2-0 sweep of Onic Philippines in the MPL Philippines Season 9 on Saturday, March 26.

Photo from MPL Philippines

Bren rode the momentum of the huge comeback win in Game 1 to dismantle Onic PH and improve its record to 3-7 and catch Omega Esports for a tie at the seventh spot of the standings. The two are only three points behind No. 6 team Blacklist International which has 11 points under its belt.

After Bren survived the initial Lord march, the players struggled to clear out the siege minions coming from all of the lanes, to the point that it left less than a quarter of the base HP. Seeing the opportunity, Onic PH tried to took advantage as it tried to go for the tower lock on Bren’s base.

Bren though stood its ground in an epic series of defenses against Dlarskie, Baloyskie and Kairi who are all one basic attack away of winning the game.

In return, Bren scored a wipeout on all Onic heroes as it completed the reversal, 24-20, to take the first point of the series.

Saxa spearheaded the comeback with a 10-2-10 KDA on the jungle Karina while Pheww provided support with a 6-3-14 line on the Mathilda.

Still shocked by the Game 1 comeback, Onic seemed to be in disarray in Game 2 – something that Bren made sure to take advantage on as it put up a methodical performance in 9-1 series clinching win.

Super Marco’s Brody reached his early power spike finishing with a neat 4-0-0 KDA while Pheww backstopped him with a 1-0-6 KDA on the Angela.

Onic dropped to a 6-4 record although it retained its fourth spot in the standings with 15 points.