Bea Alonzo opens up about weight-loss struggles

Published March 27, 2022, 11:29 PM

by Robert Requintina

Bea Alonzo

Kapuso star Bea Alonzo revealed a complicated relationship with her body as she struggled regarding her weight and body image.

Bea made the revelation when she was launched as the newest brand ambassador of Beautéderm’s Reiko Slimaxine and Reiko Fitox, during an event held at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City recently.

“When you are in your 30s, hindi na lang yung ganda sa labas ang iniisip mo. You also wanted to be healthy and fit, and that’s what you want to invest in the future. Ten years from now, I know, ayaw mong magkasakit. Ever since I was young, I also struggled with my weight. Maraming nagsasabi mataba ako. Now that I’m 34, mas nag focus na ako on health. Kung mapapansin ninyo yung ibang endorsements ko rin is about health and fitness. Even if I am not the sexiest of them all, I know that people are able to relate with some of my struggles,” she revealed.

Bea Alonzo (right) and Beautéderm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan

Bea also shared tips on how to stay healthy and fit, adding that she does not deprive her body of sweets and fried food.

“Sa healthy living, kasama rin ang tamang tulog at exercise. I sleep at least 6-8 hours per day. Pero what I put in my body, siyempre healthy pa rin. Life is short, so kumakain pa rin ako ng masasarap like sweets. Mahilig din akong kumain ng fried chicken,” she added.

Beyond food and health supplements, Bea said that she maintains a positive outlook in life. “I try to be positive so kahit na ano ang size mo, you have to feel beautiful. Masarap ang feeling that you feel healthy every day.”

“I remember may isa akong shoot sa Singapore. Pagdating ko dun, hindi sila masaya na parang hindi ako payat. I really felt na parang hindi talaga sila happy sa akin. Parang na hurt ako. So I resorted to crash dieting. Pero bumalik din yung dati at mas malala pa kasi crash diet lang yun. Pero naisip ko rin na dapat i-konek ko rin ang sarili ko sa mental health ko. Ngayon mas aware na tayo ngayon how to stay healthy, unlike when I was still in my 20s. And don’t forget to love yourself. Don’t just do it for a guy or for the society to accept you,” she added.

Juggling a balanced life composed of professional and personal activities, Bea is a self-confessed foodie who rewards herself with delicious treats while maintaining an active lifestyle to keep her mind and body in the best shape.

“Beautéderm’s REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox are the perfect digestive supplements for me because aside from being all-natural, they help me in eating right at the right time while aiding my stomach to break down the food while strengthening my gut,” says Bea.

“For someone who is very health conscious like me, REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox is the perfect combination in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I need to stay healthy because for me, true beauté is really loving and taking care of myself first, and then I could extend that love and care to others.”

Beautéderm President and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan believes that Bea is the best ambassador to represent Beautéderm’s REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox. “Bea is such an inspiration because she always sees to it that she takes care of herself despite the very hectic schedule,” says Rhea.

“Bea is focused and humble, and she knows her priorities. I am glad to know that Bea sees to it that she is healthy first and foremost because for the past two years, we all learned the value of good health. I proudly welcome her as the official brand ambassador of Beautéderm’s REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox.”

Rhea also said that Beautéderm’s REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox are Japan-made, 100 percent safe, effective, FDA-compliant, and all-natural supplements. REIKO Slimaxine is a diet enhancer while REIKO Fitox is a digestion enhancer – both of which are carefully formulated to provide daily optimum digestive wellness that helps strengthen the overall wellbeing of every individual, especially during these trying times when the currency of good living is defined by a holistically sound physical, emotional, and mental conditions.

“Digestion is vital because the body needs nutrients in order to properly function and remain healthy. Beautéderm’s REIKO Slimaxine and REIKO Fitox are meticulously developed and formulated to aid the body in achieving optimum digestive health as the combination of both supplements help in regulating the intake of unhealthy food and aids the stomach in the absorption of nutrients that are distributed evenly in the body while allowing the consumption and digestion of food without discomfort since a healthy gut contains good bacteria and immune cells that ward off infectious agents such as viruses and fungi,” Rhea added.