Rap group Hood 047 goes viral with 'Wasted'

HOOD 047 core members J emm Dahon (Michael Gerondio Zapata), Kushin (Richard Olamit), and KL (Lheanard King Buenaventura Implica)

Olongapo-based rap group is the latest viral music act on the net today.

Rap group Hood 047 just raised their game to viral levels when their single “Wasted” recently exploded on YouTube.

Said track, released last March 3, is already at the 2 million plus mark just two weeks in.

Behind “Wasted” is the rap collective known as Hood 047. And at the core are rap artists J emm Dahon (Michael Gerondio Zapata), Kushin (Richard Olamit), and KL (Lheanard King Buenaventura Implica).

But on any given day, Hood 047 will always feature additional rappers that are part of the ‘hood.’

And these includes CHAOS (Mark Anthony Lachica), Gico (Rowen Ace De Guia), IDEA (Christian Lorence M. Navat), Sintido (Jonathan Lorenzo), Shrlyanne (Shirley Anne Infante), KARAYOM (Romar John E. Pedrozo) and Shonji (Jaime Barreyro Sta. Elena III).

“We are always doing collaborations with our friends and fellow rappers,” said KL (in Tagalog). “That’s just the way for Hood-four-seven,” he added. Sure enough, for their newly-minted viral hit “Wasted,” besides Kushin, KL and J emm, the groovin’ mid-tempo track also features rapper-singers Aeron J and Guthrie Nikolao.

HOOD 047 bigger group photo (not in order) --- J emm Dahon (Michael Gerondio Zapata), Kushin (Richard Olamit),  KL (Lheanard King Buenaventura Implica) CHAOS (Mark Anthony Lachica), Gico (Rowen Ace De Guia), IDEA (Christian Lorence M. Navat), Sintido (Jonathan Lorenzo), Shrlyanne (Shirley Anne Infante), KARAYOM (Romar John E. Pedrozo) and Shonji (Jaime Barreyro Sta. Elena III). 

For the music video of “Wasted” that’s currently going viral, the core (Kushin, J emm, KL)  and most of the usual guys that beef up Hood 047, and their friends, are all present to add to the party atmosphere of the video.  

So is Hood 047 all about the hedonistic lifestyle? Are they partry animals at Hood 047?

“Actually, hindi sya party-party lang,” explained Kushin. “Bawat verse sa ‘Wasted’ meron siyang kanya-kanyang saloobin. Example, for Aeron J, about sa tropa yan dahil matagal ng hindi nagkikita dahil sa Pandemic. It’s about missing your friends.”  For J emm na parang kuya ng lahat, nagpapayo yan at nagpapasalamat sa mga lines nya dun sa track. For me, nawalan na ng tiwala sa mga babae yan dahil sa ilang beses na siyang nabigo sap ag-ibig. Si Guthrie niloko naman. So ang theme ng “Wasted” is about gathering sa isang simpleng inuman at party para makapag kwentuhan ng mga pinagdaanan ng bawat isa,” Kushin adds at length.

Formed back in 2008 in Olongapo City, Hood 047 cites J-Cole, Pro Era, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Jay Park, K-pop Ty Dolla $, Chris Brown (and local acts) Ron Henley, Loonie, Curse One and BB Clan as influences.

KL reveals the dynamic in the group and reveals how important everybody is in Hood 047.

“Mahalaga ang team namin na HOOD 047 kasi Dahil sagrado ang samahan nito at pamilya ang turingan ng bawat isa. We can be rap artists on our own, but we're stronger together.”

And yes, so far, rap music fans and listeners are agreeing with Hood 047. Because besides “Wasted” going viral on YouTube, two other tracks titled “Alak” featuring J emm Dahon, KL, Gico, IDEA and Sintido, and “OWCITY” featuring the core and Fragile Kidz and Karayom, are also blowing up on TikTok and Spotify.

Hood 047 recently signed with Viva Records.