Benthings dazzles as TNC completes reversal against Blacklist

Ben “Benthings” Maglaque dazzled with his highlight initiations to power TNC Pro Team ML’s 2-1 reversal of Blacklist International to take the top spot in the standings on Saturday, March 19.

Photo from TNC

Down by a series after falling to the hands of the M3 world champions, TNC banked on the setup plays from Benthing’s Khufra pick in the Game 2 and his deny pick to Dex Star’s Lolita in Game 3 to secure the two points in the series and leapfrogged ECHO in the standings with 19 points on a 6-3 record.

Benthings put on a show on the Khufra in the second game as TNC engaged Blacklist to a micro play showdown in the team fights.

The TNC skipper however pulled off the biggest play of the game after catching Edward’s Esmeralda with his Khufra’s Tyrant Rage ultimate, triggering a huge clash in the midlane which eventually resulted to a four-man wipe of Blacklist and the equalizing 16-5 Game 2 win.

Benthings finished with a 2-1-10 KDA including a highlight Tyrant Revenge-Tyrant Rage combo that caught Hadji’s Pharsa and Oheb’s Miya in an earlier play. Daniel “SDzyz” Chu fed on Benthings setup converting most of it into easy kills to finish with an impeccable 4-0-5 KDA.

Benthings continued his fine play in Game 3 as he proved to be the difference in team fight with the perfectly timed Noumenon Blast ultimates of his Lolita giving TNC the advantage in the team fights.

A Benthings ultimate-flicker combo at the eight minute-mark triggered the TNC snowball before he capped off the come-from-behind win with the same move in the final clash.

His second skill Bulwark Shield also played a huge factor in team fights rendering the poke damage from Oheb’s Kimmy useless. Benthings finished with a 1-0-11 KDA on the Lolita while SDzyz added a neat 4-0-6 KDA.

Blacklist actually drew the series first blood and looked like would cruise to the sweep after a dominating 21-11 win in the series opener. The ambitious gold lane Miya in the second game, however, failed to live up to the expectation as TNC took advantage.

Blacklist still salvaged a point in the series to keep its spot in the magic six with nine points on a 1-8 record.