Women celebrating women

Published March 14, 2022, 2:29 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

March has been declared National Women’s Month.

Its aim is to highlight the empowerment of women as active contributors to national development.

Just recently we approached several stars to know their thoughts about it.


The Filipino-British actress-model advocates woman empowerment and gender equality.

She related, “In this modern-day age, women are frequently referred to as superheroes or supermoms. That’s because women have the ‘power’ to balance their careers and family life. You need not choose one or the other anymore, and that is a tremendous privilege and responsibility.”

“I see women empowerment in everyone’s success story. I see it thru our female leaders, and those aspiring to be. I see it in the eyes of beautiful and happy children. I see it in the smiles of successful men, because I know behind them are equally strong and persistent women. Women empowerment is in our everyday, and ought to be celebrated everyday,” she stated.

Phoebe believes it is important for women to uplift and support each other, especially mothers.

“I want people to understand that life for a woman, does not end after she gives birth. In fact, it makes life all the more challenging, yet gratifyingly beautiful.”

For Phoebe, a woman’s essence is her “grace and strength.”

“And also her tremendous patience and selfless love. She is often seen as the rock of a family, instilling these same virtues in the people around her.”

Phoebe Walker, Rhen Escaño, Ryza Cenon

Her message to women?

“Keep going, woman! Everything about you is unique and perfect. Be whoever you want to be, cause nothing can stop you.”


The actress is proud to be a woman, noting how many of her ilk stepped up during the pandemic.

She said, “During the pandemic, hindi nawala ang mga babae. Lalo na sa frontlines.”

For her, it proved that women aren’t just about looks and curves.

“We are much more complex than that,” she maintained. “We go beyond just having a beautiful face and body. Each one of us is unique, essential.”

Rhen points out to VP Leni Robredo as shining example of an empowered woman.

She related, “She passed laws and created opportunities to empower women which includes the passage of anti-discrimination law. #AngatAngBabae.”

Rhen believes woman empowerment is important most specially nowadays.

“As women thriving and surviving in a misogynistic world, I support women’s empowerment and gender equality for a better and sustainable tomorrow. Day by day we keep fighting for equality and empowerment of women in all areas of society. In order to achieve gender equality, it is necessary to build a society in which women and men share equally in power and influence. Yes, breaking the bias through empowerment. ‘Women’s rights are human rights.’”

Her message to women: “Remember that you are enough. You are smart. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are important. You are equal. We are capable and we are worth it. Be proud of who you are no matter what society says. Kaya natin kasi babae tayo at hindi babae lang.”


The 35-year-old actress and mother appreciates herself now more than ever.

Raising a child made her realize how “independent, strong and capable” women are.

“We can do anything,” she said.

She lamented, “For far too long, society has tried to put us women inside a box, in terms of how to dress, how to act, and what to do with our lives which has hindered us from being ourselves and from reaching our full capabilities as human beings.”

“I believe that it’s about time to change that and give us the freedom to live our life without prejudice. We can all be so much more than what society expects us to be.”

She is happy that many women are now in positions of power.

“The ones who are able to occupy and excel in various governments and businesses around the world inspire me the most,” she quipped.

Her message to women?

“Don’t be afraid to step out from the shadows. We are all stronger and better than what we’ve been told we can be. Our time is now.”