RSG PH sends Onic PH crashing back to earth

RSG Philippines doused the red-hot Onic Philippines with a 2-1 victory in the MPL Philippines on Saturday, March 12.

Photo from RSG PH

Facing a confident Onic side which was coming off a stellar 2-1 victory over league leading ECHO on Friday, Jhonard “Demonkite” Caranto and Eman “Emann” Sangco gave Onic a quick reality check as they put up a masterful performance in the series clinching Game 3.

Demonkite unloaded a 3-0-6 KDA on the Lancelot in the pivotal game while his partner-in-crime Emann added a 4-0-4 KDA on the Brody in RSG’s 14-4 Game 3 triumph that sealed their fifth victory in seven games.

RSG banked on its key pick-offs in the early game to quickly take a 4-1 kill lead and eventually the control of the match. Demonkite went uncontested in his farm as his Lancelot dashed his way through Onic lines securing kills on the opponent backlines.

RSG PH never looked back from that point as it starved Onic from its resources to end Game 3 in just 14 minute of game time.

RSG had an impressive start to the series, surviving Onic PH’s Johnson-Kadita combo.

Onic actually dictated the tempo of the series opener but a crucial initiation from Baloyskie’s Johnson which rammed through three RSG heroes backfired as Emann’s Wanwan and Nathzz’s Esmeralda initiated the counter-attack.

RSG took down three heroes of Onic as the four players left for the Raiders went for the GG push to to score the first point of the series after 14-14 tally in Game 1.

Light shone on his Franco pick with a perfect 1-0-12 KDA while Nathzz provided support with a 3-1-7 line.

Onic managed to regroup in Game 2 as it went back to what it does best with its objective-centered game. Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales set the tempo with his Selena finishing with a neat 3-0-6 KDA while also creating the space for Markyyy’s Wanwan and Kairi’s Hayabusa who did most of the damage after reaching their power spikes in the late game.

That however was not enough as Onic PH continued with its up-and-down trend in the season, absorbing another defeat to fall to a 4-3 win-loss slate.