Curating art and lifestyle at 1335/MABINI and SHOP/1335

Published March 9, 2022, 10:26 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Located at Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Ave. extension, a new era is underway. One that promises new adventures in art and lifestyle and something every discriminating art lover, collector, and homeowner can look forward to. Invited to a private launch of this reincarnation by resident interior designer and curator Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy, I was introduced to the delightful new gallery owner Marisa Gutierrez of 1335/MABINI and sat across the erudite Kristoffer Del Villar during the dinner.

At 1335/MABINI, the art gallery has long been known as a haven for contemporary artists, with both established names and the up-and-coming, creating synergies with the gallery. Kristoffer was visibly excited relaying to us the projects and installations that 1335 has planned for this year and in 2023.

The introduction of SHOP/1335, and the section of the gallery that houses it, is a veritable treasure chest for refined homeowners. It’s a curated collection of one-of-a kind pieces, unique curios, antiques, and objets d’art. It’s an immersive lifestyle experience, and it’s intent is to showcase the items in a livable setting. I especially loved the strategic juxtaposition of modern, beside the heritage and antique. 

It’s about personalizing your home, and realizing that there are no hard and fast rules. What’s important is that taste, refinement, and aesthetics will reign supreme. Marisa was happy to relay that such brands as Rue Angelique, Solano, Palayan Lamps, VIDRO, NOOD, and Melissa Yeung-Yap, can be found in SHOP/1335. I really liked the colorful resin “Bulols.”

Marisa Gutierrez, owner of 1335/MABINI

As Marisa enthusiastically exclaimed, “That’s our ultimate strategy moving forward—that we’ll always curate the store. That’s the fun part.” And it certainly was a fun evening, both from a visual standpoint, and from the conversation that swirled through the night. The photos here will attest to the ocular feast that is 1335.