SmarTrade holds free 1-on-1 coaching for online traders

Published March 8, 2022, 3:24 PM

by MB Technews

The world of online trade is an exciting journey. However, like any other financial endeavor, one has to become familiar with the foundations of the game such as how to manage risks and execute trading strategies.

1on1 coaching sessions with SmarTrade Coach Gloria Mendoza

SmarTrade’s free learning sessions equipped many Pinoys who wanted to learn about trading forex and other financial instruments. But over the years, the requirements have changed and many traders requested for a more in-depth and personalized training. To respond to this demand, SmarTrade launched its free one-on-one coaching sessions for serious traders who want to master the tricks of the trade.

It is perfect for those who want a more focused discussion with a coach. For Joseph Doromal, one-on-one coaching helped him focus and understand deeply matters that he needed to know without bothering other trainees. This is important because not everyone has the same learning style. According to Coach Gloria Mendoza of SmarTrade, one-on-one coaching sessions are ideal for those who may hesitate participating in group sessions and want a more direct approach.

Each coaching session is different because it is patterned to the needs of the coachee. The coach and the coachee set goals at the start of the session and topics are tailored fit to the objectives of the client.

Things that can happen inside a coaching session include discussion of the basics of trading forex and other financial instruments; deep dive on risk management and the concept of investments; in-depth training on graph analysis, leverage, PIPs, trading strategies and other relevant trading jargons; introduction of SmarTrade and its core mission of providing Pinoys free learning sessions on financial literacy; and sharing of legitimate partner platforms like ATFX, including platform navigation.

SmarTrade Coach Michael Gabriel (MBA) finds that one-on-one coaching promotes effective communication and feedback and it creates an atmosphere for trust. “One-on-one coaching is the easiest way to guide clients in their trading journey as they get to feel more comfortable with you and the company.”

“The coaching is very good and very flexible also in terms of time. It is a benefit to learn about fund management and risks in this type of business. My favorite part was on how I can earn money through forex trading but also learning not to be greedy,” quipped new trader Roger Ogoy.

Also a newbie in trading, Imay Lawad finds the coaching session helpful and enlightening. “I was able to understand and manage risks.”

For a personalized approach to learning online trading, avail of SmarTrade’s one-on-one coaching session offered 100% free without any hidden charges or fees. To book your free session, visit