5 thoughts you need to take out from your head

Say no to these negative vibes

We've all heard these phrases at some point of our lives, especially when we were young and gullible then. These lines have been ingrained in our heads, making us believe that we're not worth it. This leads to self-doubt and questioning our self-worth, but should we let these negative thoughts win?

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

The crucial first step is to always acknowledge what's wrong, assess our current situation, and move forward. This International Women's Month, let's start with the five negative thoughts that we need to take out of our heads.

  1. I don't fit here!
    We are social in nature, and we want to find a group of friends we can call family. And this task isn't as easy as it sounds. Some would find fault and put the person down for little things such as mannerisms and physical attributes, embarrassing them in front of other peers. This trauma can lead to these bullied ones afraid of meeting new friends and not fitting in.
    This is not you, don't let the childhood bully make you believe otherwise.
  1. I can’t do it!
    We all want to try new things, but our guardians, out of their concern, protect us to a fault. "You're just a girl, you can't do it." That memory has been ingrained in your head, but that shouldn't stop you from proving them and even yourself that they're wrong. You can do it! Don't let your guardian believe their right all along.
  2. I am not enough!
    The pressure is real. With so many slashes as a mom, a wife, a daughter, an employee or a businesswoman, it's never enough. You know how much value you put in on the table. Don't let anyone else make you think otherwise. Prove all your colleagues wrong.
  3. I am too fat or too thin!
    Family gatherings are always scary as our older relatives would always have something to comment about the way we look. There's never the right body frame and weight for them. You can be too fat or you can be too thin. And this affects us and makes us feel insecure. You, of all people, know how you should look. Trust your instincts and give yourself a pat on the back. Don't let your tita win!
  4. I can't be happy on my own.
    In a country where most people believe happiness is found in finding your soulmate, it's hard to believe that happiness can be found within you. But you have to fight the urge to do so. Happiness starts within you. When you know how to be happy on your own, when you know how to take care and appreciate yourself, then that's time you're ready to share the love you have.

Remember that these lines were not yours in the first place, don't let it take control of your life. This International Women's Day, Avon reminds women all over the world that you have the power to silence them and replace them with encouraging and empowering words. It's time to love yourself. Grow and flourish!