6 color combinations to bring life to your space

Published March 6, 2022, 3:21 AM

by Manila Bulletin

From strong, vibrant hues to calm, exquisite tones, your home’s color can tell a lot about your personality and preferences. Whether you’re into something big and peppy or more mute and subtle, colors can easily alter your home’s overall feel. If you want to give your space a quick lift, mix contrasting colors together. This will bring out harmony and elegance that oozes from every space. Check out these color contrast samples you can consider in your next home project:

1. Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue

Pastel colors give off a light and welcoming ambiance in a room. This color mixture exudes a feminine and dainty style that is truly pleasing to the eye. The tint of pastel is a versatile type of pairing as it draws out a calming feel—suitable in any area of a home. 

Heim pink sofa, blush pink painting, decors, blue stackable chair

2. Yellow and Purple

The yellow and purple contrast welcomes a playful yet confident combination. The effect of the bright yellow offers an optimistic feel whilst creating balance due to the cold hue of purple. If you’re aiming for something that is neat and vibrant for your space, this color combo is surely a great choice.

Novabell tiles, Alphalux pendant lamp, Heim yellow bar chair, and artificial potted plants
  1. Navy Blue and Orange

Offering a masculine yet cozy feel, this duo sets a darker and more dramatic mood for the whole area ideal for bedrooms and entertainment spaces. It also has a hint of retro making it a timeless and powerful combination. 

Shop Heim navy blue sofa, pillowcases, orange stackable chair, and Alphalux pendant light
  1. Black and Gold

Opting for a bolder choice, black and gold is an iconic pair that is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. When displayed right, this color pairing hits a home run in transforming a space into something jaw-droppingly luxurious and homey.

Heim gold/black tropic painting, black linear painting, console table, and Alphalux floor lamp
  1. Rosy Pink and Green

This duo has a very chic and artful taste with a calming vibe to it. The green and pink shade envelops a garden-like ambiance and is boasting chic timeless tones fitting for all types of home interior design.

Alphalux pendant lamp, Heim printed artwork, green ottoman, ceramic vases
  1. Red and Gray

Leaning into a more formal setup, the red and gray incorporates refined elegance that radiates in any area of a home. It imposes a seductive visual and an airy feel—truly an exceptional palette for your home.

Heim gray bed frame, red clock, red ottoman, red dresser/console table

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