Pinoys told: 'Worst is yet to come, prep for impact of Russia-Ukraine war'

Published February 28, 2022, 8:07 AM

by Ellson Quismorio

Filipinos should braces themselves as the worst is yet to come from the unfolding Russia-Ukraine war.

YACAP Party-list nominee Noel Dizon gave this advice to his countrymen over the weekend, saying that the hostilities in Europe will impact the daily lives of common people all over the world–including Filipinos–and especially the poor.


“There is no better protection than to be aware of an imminent problem no matter how confusing it is to most because it’s a war,” Dizon said.

“This war can make the poor poorer and the government needs to immediately conduct an IEC–Information, Education, and Communication–campaign to prepare Filipinos so we won’t be caught by surprise, especially those already struggling with poverty due to the pandemic,” the aspiring congressman noted.

He said in the Philippines, the impact will be felt harder after a few months when the forward order of goods or stocks of supplies, which normally last about six months, start to dwindle.

“World leaders are propping for the uncertainties this war will bring but many agree the worst is yet to come and the individual Pinoy should be made aware so that all will be prepared,” he stressed.

Russia is a top producer of oil, and it is widely known that fluctuations in world oil prices have a domino effect on the cost of goods and services. Ukraine, on the other hand, among the world’s largest producers of wheat.

“Government must ramp up the aid and support to shield drivers from the adverse effect of a volatile global economy,” said Dizon, who is a Taguig City councilor.

“The cost of bread will also rise and even if we don’t directly get oil from Russia, the reaction of banks allied to Ukraine will have a bearing to the world supply and the local market will feel that negative impact in a few months,” he explained.

“Knowing what’s going on around the economic playing field will give the people a sense of individual control to be able to protect the family and that’s better than being caught unaware,” Dizon concluded.