Political parties shouldn't be a mere 'gathering of personalities' — Gibo

Published February 26, 2022, 2:40 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Senatorial candidate Gibo Teodoro wants to strengthen the structure of the political party system in the Philippines as he believes it that would help voters choose their next leaders.

Gibo Teodoro FB page

For Teodoro, political parties “should go beyond a gathering of personalities”.

That was why in a statement Saturday, Feb. 26, he reckoned that political parties ​”​should serve as think tanks that can provide studies about legislations that they are pursuing based on their parties​’​ principles”.​

He added​ that strong party politics will push politicians to be loyal to their parties as they are pursuing a common ideology.

T​eodoro added that ​political parties should be made sustainable by allowing them to have sources of funding like donors, support from the business community, and other sources of funding except for foreign sources. ​That way they can be strengthened, he noted.

A​lthough he bats to scrap the spending limits imposed on political parties during campaigns, Teodoro said expenses must still be disclosed to the public.​