RSG Philippines pounces on Bren Esports for second win

Published February 25, 2022, 7:18 PM

by Reynald I. Magallon

Jhonard “Demonkite” Caranto and Eman “Emann” Sangco continued to star for RSG Philippines as they pounced on the hapless Bren Esports to notch their second win in the MPL Philippines Season 9 on Friday, Feb. 25.

Photo from RSG Philippines

RSG was dominant all-series long as it didn’t give Bren players any inch to get its bearing going in the two-game stretch.

Demonkite was slicing and dicing through the enemy lines using his Lancelot pick, finishing with a 2-0-4 KDA in the opening game before following its up with a 10-1-3 score line in Game 2.

Emann, on the other hand, remained deathless in two series and four total games with another perfect 4-0-3 outing on the Beatrix in Game 1 before unloading another 4-0-3 line on the Wanwan in the second game.

Bren Esports tried to dictate the tempo with its early aggression in the opening game but the ploy backfired as RSG proved to be ready for the counter engage to Bren. Stopping Bren’s initial attack, RSG gained confidence in the ensuing battle for the major objectives.

That allowed Demonkite and Emann to reached their power spike to power the squad’s 11-2 win.

Riding the wire-to-wire Game 1 win, RSG rolled to a 17-3 triumph to take the series win. It was RSG turns to dictate the tempo with its aggression with Light providing his squad the perfect initiations allowing Demonkite to score a triple kill multiple times in the game.

RSG had the number in a three-on-four clash down bottom lane at the eight-minute mark which resulted to Demonkite’s first triple kill. That allowed the squad to secure the Lord for the final push.

Bren tried to hold their ground during the Lord defense but another five-on-five team fight near Bren’s inhibitor turret in the bottom lane proved to be the deciding sequence of the match. Demonkite and Eman dished out the damage in that clash scoring triple and double kills respectively to wipe Bren out.