Relden releases new English-Bisaya song 'Iro'


Cebu-based singer-songwriter Relden talks about being in a bad loop while in a relationship in her new song “iro,” which is in line with her goal to put out music that speaks of validation and liberation.

One of Tarsier Records’ new artists, Relden used to be part of a musical duo called Route 83 in 2018. With musical influences from strong women such as Halsey, Billie Eilish, and Anne Marie, Relden now embarks on a solo career hoping to let listeners know that all their emotions and experiences are valid through her songs.

Her sophomore single “iro,” which translates to “dog” in English, is a pop-punk track with English-Bisaya lyrics that aims to remind people about having the power to take charge when stuck in a toxic cycle with a lover.

The song’s commanding lyrics, co-written by Relden with Raven Tabanera, is communicated sonically through its unique riffs on the electric guitar and a solid drum rhythm—making it a perfect go-to song for those who need an extra boost of confidence.

Before “iro,” Relden dropped her first release under Tarsier titled “Uh-Oh” in November last year. The striking pop tune which also bears English-Bisaya lyrics is a clapback to those who bully others for their own amusement.

Step up to free yourself from an awful situation and stream Relden’s “iro,” out now on various digital music services. For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.