Rising sibling alt-pop duo No Lore guests on Tsaastrology's comedy podcast to discuss the music video for ‘A Leo’

'Ask A Leo'

No Lore will be taking you on a journey of heartbreaks and disappointments caused by another astrological sign with Tsaastrology, a comedy podcast on Spotify about astrology, misadventures, and powers within the universe.

No Lore is a sibling alt-pop duo consisting of brother and sister Jerald Angelo and Tita Halaman. Their music is inspired by Tita Halaman's paintings with poetry. Jerald's post-production ability transforms and fine-tunes the tunes and melodies into a lyrical symphony of harmonic beats and synths.

For Leos, the idea of love itself is one of their favorite things in the world. When a Leo falls in love, they are passionate and will go to great measures to cherish and protect their loved ones. However, not all astrological signs love in the same way as a Leo. "A Leo" is about falling in love with someone who is the polar opposite of you. Tita Halaman who is a Leo herself was inspired to write the song by her and her co-Leos personal experiences. "Leos are famous for always jumping in and fighting for love. There's a sudden bizarre realization why other people (who are of different astrological sign) can't jump in with you, especially if you sense the feeling is mutual." ponders Tita Halaman.


The music video for “A Leo” was released last Jan. 31. With the art background of the sibling duo, it is no wonder that their music video for “A Leo” is reminiscent of a painting with No Lore acting as a human canvas. In multiple scenes, you will see splashes of paint all over them and in the background creating a trippy imagery that one is floating in space. Perhaps the most striking visual would be No Lore’s faces tattooed with the artwork of local artists Jappy Agoncillo, Tattumundo, Gigie Bear, Venus Veritas, Mia Claravall-Reyes, Distort Monsters, and Chichi Romero.

The creative sibling duo also included their fans, whom they endearingly refer to as “Friends of No Lore”, in the music video by flashing their faces on small canvases as they sang “A Leo” together.

In line with the release of the sibling duo’s music video for “A Leo”, Last Feb. 2, No Lore got down with Tsaastrology, a sketch comedy podcast that examines astrology and the powers of the universe, among other things, because the single was such a hot and debatable topic. In their episode, No Lore talks about their newly released music video for "A Leo", answers the listeners' questions about said astrological sign, and reads the audience's (and shares their own) experiences of dating a Leo.

No Lore

Differences and signs aside, No Lore and Tsaastrology has decided to team up for a merchandise collaboration. The two will be giving out exclusive merch to select people who have submitted their answers to Tsaastrology's "#YoureDatingALeoIf" Twitter promo.

If you enjoyed that, try reading all the other entries of #YoureDatingALeoIf on Tsaastrology's Twitter account. If you or you know someone who has dated a Leo, then submit your own entry for a chance to win some exclusive No Lore x Tsaatrology merch! If you haven't dated one but want to join, then maybe listening to No Lore's "A Leo'' can give you some retrospect on what it's like dating one.