There’s a new play-to-earn game and it champions Filipino culture and creativity

Published February 11, 2022, 11:08 AM

by John Legaspi

‘Anito Legends’ is taking Filipino artistry to another ‘legendary’ level

Gone are the days when gamers are seen as slackers. With today’s digital advancement, playing online games can help people earn money while they go on a virtual quest, and that we have seen in the past two years. If you’re looking to try it for yourself, another play-to-earn game is entering the mix, and this time, it spotlights Filipino culture and creativity.

Photo from ‘Anito Legends’

Led by Masayato PTE LTD, “Anito Legends” is the first roguelike auto battler being developed by talent from the Philippines. Drawing inspiration from Philippine folklore, the game allows players to take control of a team of “anitos” to conquer towers and earn rewards. To bring elements of local tales to its virtual world, the “Anito Legends” team has partnered with Palanca award-winning author and horror writer Yvette Tan, who has been a pillar and resource for local folklore. The in-game soundtrack is being developed by Myth_OS, composed of the duo Malek Lopez of “BuyBust” (2018), “Never Tear Us Apart” (2018), “Mighty Robo V” (2021), and Juan Miguel Sobrepena of “Never Tear Us Apart”(2018) and “Midnight in a Perfect World” (2020).

In the game, the first four Anito classes that are available for launch include the unpredictable Kiwig, the strong Sarangay, the swift Tikbalang, and the elusive Siyokoy. The game will essentially have two modes—an adventure mode where players can earn rewards to level up and strengthen their Anitos, and a more competitive PVP mode where players can compete to earn more valuable rewards.

Anito Legends makes use of a dual token system with $LARO as the governance token and $GINTO for the utility token. Furthering its digital presence, the game is set to IGO within the second quarter of 2022 with the pre-sale of the initial genesis non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Following that, the play-to-earn mechanics will be implemented within those six months, before the year ends.

“As game developers with more than a decade’s experience in the casual gaming space, we want to explore this new platform using the blockchain so that players have the ability to earn a little bit of currency or at least recuperate the cost of the game.” This is according to James Chua, CEO of Masayato Games, the developer behind “Anito Legends.” “We want to further the space by creating a game that is truly fun to play by releasing regular updates for years to come.”

Photo from ‘Anito Legends’

To begin, players will need a Metamask wallet address, which is typical of all play-to-earn games. The team is also running a free NFT giveaway for early sign-ups. The game is currently playable on desktop browsers on PC and Mac. Versions for mobile browsers, Android, and iOS are currently being developed as well.

The team has recently opened the closed beta testing sign-up form to the public with the link here:

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