GOSSIP GIRL: Parokya Ni Edgar's Chito Miranda on fatherhood and family life

Published February 8, 2022, 7:17 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Chito Miranda and family

Delightfully caught Chito Miranda in Pico de Loro beach with his kids. His wife Neri was with their newborn Cash in the beach hotel/condo they recently acquired and renovated for their new rental business.

I was quite shocked with this rockstar because instead of holding a beer and cigarettes, he was drinking a chocolate shake and feeding his kids. I remember him drinking beer and smoking cigarettes before in our gig in South Korea. He said back then that smoking and beer was his technique to achieve a raspy vocal sound. But now, he tells Gossip Girl that his voice is not raspy anymore, it’s clean and has a different timbre. “The pandemic changed my lifestyle. I stopped smoking and I only drink occasionally. Since I was 17, I have been drinking and smoking and now that I am 45 I figured a lifestyle change is necessary, so I can be here for my wife Neri and children Pia, Miggy and our newborn Cash. I sleep and wake up early now, unlike during gigs when we sleep early … in the mornings hahaha!”

Chito, wife Neri and kids Pia and Miggy

‘Dati kapag happy hour, automatic, alak…ngayon mango juice, watermelon shake at choco dinosaur’

Now that the pandemic is almost over and face to face gatherings will now be allowed and Parokya ni Edgar will be in demand again in town fiestas and out of the country gigs where there is a Filipino community, I asked Chito if he is ready to go back to doing road tours again. “Honestly, my manager and I will really need to sit down and talk. I might ask for more time, so I can be a father to my children and a good husband to Neri. Pre-pandemic, Parokya would do road tours all over the Philippines and the entire world, I only get to spend four days a month with Neri and the kids. I asked if they could extend to 10 days, but our gig schedule could not allow it. Then the pandemic came, and I totally enjoyed my time with Neri and seeing the kids grow up. We were even able to make another baby we fondly call Cash, who we are enjoying now. I would like to concentrate on just doing major shows and concerts. I don’t think I am ready to go back to doing road tours just yet. My bandmates are itching to go back to doing road tours, so let’s see what will happen in the future…”

Neri and baby Cash

Chito, wife Neri, and three kids Pia, Miggy and Cash

Based on what I got from Chito, there will be two scenarios here, the first is that his bandmates and manager will convince Chito to go back to doing road tours. The worst case scenario here is that if his bandmates and manager fail to convince Chito to go back into doing road tours. “I am thinking, this is just a scenario okay, don’t quote me on this — worse case scenario — Chito will only perform in Parokya during major concerts and shows and during road tours somebody may take over and replace him temporarily for that gig. The thing is, will the fans agree? Chito Miranda is Parokya and Parokya is Chito Miranda so how can Parokya without Chito be the same without him?