Quality and affordability in scale

Published January 30, 2022, 2:21 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

In popular culture, much is often made of the boutique experience, the artisanal touch, the “smaller is better” approach—and this is in service of the craftsman, the artist, the outlier. There’s nothing wrong with that, as quite often, there is genuine quality work being done at this level, and it pays heed to the notion that when something is big or massive, or being mass-produced, the attention to detail is compromised.

But the truth is often less simple and straightforward than that. The “smaller” boutique proposition can also mean more expensive, and paying a premium for the limited production output. To be fair to “big,” bigger also spells a track record of success, a winning formula, and can translate to economies of scale that can help make the price of quality more affordable.

Artist’s perspective of the façade of SMDC’s Gold City.

That’s where we come to SM Development Corporation (SMDC), the fastest growing real estate company in the Philippines, and possibly one of the biggest in all of Southeast Asia. SMDC is that unique proposition, the one that marries the best of the curated approach, with the advantages of size and scale. Ultimately, that redounds to the benefit of its discriminating market—the ones who are smart about spending, but are just as insistent on quality, service, and investment merit.

Let’s study how this SMDC advantage is achieved. First, there’s the prime locations of the SMDC properties. Let’s face it, prime location translates to easy access, to available and regular public transportation, to guaranteed utilities and services—and those are all important considerations when home-hunting, or looking for sound long-term investments.

Actual photo of the amenity area of Shore Residences.

SMDC equity means integration with commercial developments. If there’s something the ongoing pandemic has taught us, it’s how there’s an advantage to being able to “live, work, and play” within a circumscribed area. The advantages to that are endless—there’s the savings it can mean, how essential services are by your doorstep or within walking distance, how the work situation is made convenient by strong and dependable WiFi access, and that even the dining and recreational activities for you and your young family are all geographically convenient. No one is forcing you to stay put, or keep all activities within walking distance; but it is nice to know that it can easily be done, without compromising on quality of life. And that a wide selection of options are right there for the asking, especially advantageous when it comes to dining and food.

Artist’s perspective of the aerial view of Joy Residences.

The properties of SMDC are actual communities, where an emphasis is placed on offering hotel-like lobbies, excellent property management, and resort-style amenities. The intangible here is how these SMDC properties are solid, thriving communities unto themselves. Initially spurred by the pandemic, SMDC created weekend markets, encouraged small business entrepreneurs, and took care of the vulnerable—all in order to foster a strong sense of community. It has been such a success, that you can be sure these best practices will continue post-pandemic.

One of the Good Guys health and wellness caravans held in an SMDC property.

For those who keep abreast of global trends and the aforementioned notion of “best practices,” you’ll be pleased to know that SMDC has made sustainable practices in construction, and in the management of its communities, part of the SMDC DNA. It’s not just an afterthought, or something they pull out as part of their CSR philosophy; but it’s built into its mission vision and how they aspire—and commit—to be responsible developers.

With SMDC, size also means the bigger picture is never far. The company is an economic catalyst in nation-building, something SMDC holds dear. From the early construction phase until completion, and in the management of its numerous properties, SMDC means employment for the Filipino. It’s catalyst, opportunity, and career for so many, and the significance of this can never be underestimated. It’s one of the ultimate manifestations of how bigger can precisely be better.

For more information on SMDC, visit www.smdc.com.