FASHION PULIS: Consequences of running away

These days, unless a talent has a contract with a production, finding work in the industry can be difficult. Several talents are lucky to be considered by production teams as part of a steady supporting cast. That means they have the advantage of being given work or priority compared to a freelance artist. Keeping professional ties with a network is important as well. Unfortunately, many talents take for granted the gains of their profession.

Take the case of a Competent Actor (CA). Although CA might not have a leading man’s profile, his roles are often marked and remembered because his acting is impressive. A good support makes the lead look better and CA brings that factor as well. The lead’s skills are challenged when CA is in the scene. CA is thus a prized addition to any project. Yet, he seems to be missing in action lately. The rumor mill has an answer.

According to the grapevine, CA got involved with a Production Staff (PS). While that might seem to be in his favor, their engagement allegedly brought forth life. The news should bring joy, but CA turned his back and left PS. As news spread fast, coworkers of PS sympathized with her. Consequently, CA can no longer seek work from the management of PS unless the matter is cleared, and he gains back a favorable standing.

‘Character — the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life — is the source from which self-respect springs.’ ― Joan Didion

Red flags

As always, netizens are alert in noticing changes in the social media accounts of a quiet couple. When Network Actress (NA) and Her Husband (HH) admitted their relationship, many were surprised, but delighted. After all, NA and HH have kept a low profile despite having achieved milestones in their careers. Fans were confident the two were made for each other, as support and love reflected in their social media posts. Their wedding was welcomed and no intriguing issue cropped up until recently.

Nonetheless, the fans of NA and HH were surprised to observe that the couple’s social media accounts were missing significant posts. Posts of NA and HH together were nowhere to be found unlike in the past. Netizens assumed the posts were removed. Deleted posts and/or photos are marked as red flags for social media followers. Sensing something might be wrong, followers courageously wondered why each one was no longer seen in each other’s account. No response was given to such questions. However, relatives continued to comment and react, which appeased followers.

Unlike other couples undergoing issues, NA and HH have not posted anything cryptic that might hint at a cooling off period. If they are indeed undergoing couple issues, they have kept their fans in the dark and many will be disappointed if their relationship ends.

‘I am a die-hard romantic at heart and love the idea of love. But, when it comes to love, I kinda believe in the old world charm of romance - where there's mystery and intrigue.’ − Esha Gupta

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