COVID-19 cases may have already peaked in Cebu City -- OCTA


Independent research group OCTA's monitoring showed that the surge of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases "may have already peaked and maybe on a downward trajectory" in Cebu City.

In a tweet on Saturday, Jan. 29, OCTA fellow Dr. Guido David said Cebu City's reproduction number was down to 2.03, as of Jan. 25, from 3.94 a week ago.

However, the city's average daily attack rate or incidence rate covering the period Jan. 22 to 28 was still "very high" at 62.27 cases per day per 100,000 people.

The positivity rate in Cebu City was 39 percent while healthcare utilization was moderate at 60 percent.

Based on the indicators of the internationally-developed COVID Act Now, David said that Cebu City's overall risk level remained at "very high risk."

"This means the public must continue to comply strictly with public health protocols," David said.

In a forum on Jan. 21, David explained that the peak is not the end of the wave but "determining the peak allows us to estimate the timeline of the wave and when cases will return to normal levels."