CHR lauds Duterte’s release of P1.185B for health workers’ special risk allowance

Published January 29, 2022, 10:57 AM

by Czarina Nicole Ong Ki

Commission on Human Rights (CHR)

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) lauded President Duterte’s approval on the release of P1.185 billion from the government’s contingency fund last year to cover the special risk allowance (SRA) of the country’s health workers who have not received it.

In a social media post, the CHR said: “We welcome this gesture of the government that shows recognition and support to our health care workers.”

It also said that “through timely support and just compensation, we can demonstrate concretely how we value their service and sacrifice in this period of crisis.”

However, the CHR reminded the government to “urgently address issues regarding the delay and inequitable SRA of health workers, since doing so will ensure that they receive just compensation and help uplift their dignity and welfare.”

It cited reports that the Department of Health (DOH) has given more than 496,000 health workers their SRA of nearly P8 billion as of Jan. 14 and has requested an additional P3.3 billion for 185,000 other workers.